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Area Code Master freeware area code finder for Winodws. Requires VBRUN300.DLL.
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Area Code Master freeware area code finder for Winodws. Requires VBRUN300.DLL.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Message Master - Read Me
Version 1.0 7/94

(NOTE: to view in Notepad, select Edit.. Word Wrap from menu)

Do you call long distance? Do you call BBS'es? Do you know all the area codes and what state they belong to?

Chances are you answered Yes to questions 1 and 2 and No to question 3.

If you have and would like to have a fun way to look up the area code then Area Code Master is for you.

Another in the series of Master software from Chandero Systems, Inc.

Area Code Master presents a map of the U.S. and a list of states and provinces. You can use the mouse to click on a state on the map or in the list.

The area codes for that state will be shown in the table. The state will also be highlighted on the map.

If you have an area code and want to know the state/province then press the button and enter the code. If it is in use then the state will be highlighted on the map, in the list and all area codes will be listed.

How simple and fun it is. For something like that you probably run for the phone book and try to find the area code on the map. Well, no more.

Area Code Master is freeware. This means that you may use it to your heart's content and it will cost you nothing. However, if you would like to contribute something or want information about our other Master software then send the request (cash accepted also) to the address below.


Area Code Master is ZIPped and must be expanded first before installing (use PKZIP version 2 or above). Place all the setup files on a diskette (the ones from the ZIP) and from Program Manager run x:install or from File Manager set up to view the files on the diskette and double click on the INSTALL.EXE.

The install program will place Area Code Master in the \ACMASTER directory (or one you choose). The support files will also be placed in this directory. A program manager group will be created for Area Code Master. If you want to you can move the ICON to another group (perhaps where you keep your communications software).

Using Area Code Master

When Area Code Master starts you will be shown an About box, click OK and you are on your way.

Use the list or the map to find states and their area codes. Be aware that some locales are not on the map and a message will tell you. However, you will see the area code list.


To exit use the File .. Exit or Ctrl - X. Area Code Master will then end.


There is none.

Copyright & Disclaimers

Area Code Master is copyright 1994 by Chandero Systems, Inc. Since it is freeware you may make copies and pass them to friends. Just be sure to give them the full ZIP file so that they may install it correctly. If any files are missing then it will not work.

Chandero Systems makes no claims as to the suitably of Area Code Master to your environment or application. We will not be responsible for any action which results from the use of Area Code Master. The software is provided for the sole purpose of showing area codes and where they are located.

Copyright 1994 Chandero Systems, Inc.
14 Parkview Rd.
Long Valley, NJ 07853

CIS ID 73157,3543

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