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Baltimore area Club and Bar Directory.
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Baltimore area Club and Bar Directory.
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CAB.MEM 262 41 deflated

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Contents of the CAB.DOC file

Club and Bar

Version 2.0

Baltimore Metro Area

(c) Copyright 1991
By OmniSoft Inc.

Michael C. Unger, CEO

This is the second revision of the 'CAB' Directory. The
application was designed using 'CLARION Professional Developer
Version 2.1'.

The database was constructed using the C&P telephone directory,
'The City Paper' and personal knowledge. Immediately you will
note a few omissions in the database, these are as follows:

1. No Zipcodes have been entered
2. Comments are blank (Fill as you see fit)

Please feel free to add/correct entries as desired.

** To start CAB:

At your DOS prompt type 'CAB' and press [RETURN]

** NOTE **

The following files must be located in the same directory as

CAB.DAT - Database file
CAB.K01 - Key file (NAME)
CAB.K02 - Key file (CITY)
CAB.HLP - Help Screens (Activate with [F1])
CAB.MEM - Runtime environment file

Please upload this file to your local BBS, but you must include
all files including 'CAB.DOC'.

If you find this application useful, please send $10.00 to:

OmniSoft Inc.
c/o Michael C. Unger
605 E. 33rd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218


And remember comments are always welcome.

P.S. Look for other 'OmniSoft' application on your local BBS.

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