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Simple database to keep track of magazine articles.
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Simple database to keep track of magazine articles.
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Contents of the ARTICLES.DOC file

ARTICLES is a database program for keeping track of magazine articles.

The main menu contains these options:

Add article

Delete article

Modify article



Print file

Rebuild index file

Change files

The data entry screen looks like this:

The article Code is used to access this article
Code....... later if you want to delete or modify it. Assign
any code number you wish to use.
The Title is the name of the article.
The Magazine is the name of the magazine con-
Date....... containing the article.

Page....... The Date is the date of the magazine containing
the article.
The Page is the page on which the article is

The Keywords are any words relating to the con-
tent of the article that you think will help you
find it later. If you use "newspaper" as a key-
word, you would find this article if you search-
ed for "new", "news", "paper", or "newspaper".

Pg Dn
F1-Help Tab-Next fiel Esc-exit x

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