Dec 102017
Digitized speech for Clipper programs.
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Digitized speech for Clipper programs.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DIGITIZE.PRG 42 42 stored
NUMBERS.VOI 25913 10756 deflated
PLAY.DOC 1353 672 deflated
PLAY.OBJ 706 524 deflated

Download File SPEECH.ZIP Here

Contents of the PLAY.DOC file

int play(fname)
char fname Name of digitized file

Notes: The original program was written by Alan Jones as a "see if it
could be done" project. There are actually two programs, RECORD and
PLAY. The record program requires a special 1-bit digitizer circuit.

I changed PLAY to work as a function under Clipper. There are still
some rough spots in here.
- if you try to play a file bigger than 64K, it will hog up more
memory than it should and when Clipper exits, can't
load and the system halts. Nice!
- The return error code after play() completes is wrong, so ignore
values > than 88 for now.

Play() hogs the timer/interrupt, by not jumping to the last vector.
It is nice enough to restore the previous vector though when it's

Don't put this function in your production code yet!!!!!!!!!!!

You get about 30 seconds of speech for a 64k file.

You might want to try and play your favorite .EXE for fun to see if
there any hidden messages in them.

After I get the digitizer board done, I'll have some more sound

Returns: DOS error numbr or 0 if no error occured.

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