Dbase (Clipper, FoxBase, etc) Languages Source Code

DBASE Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
!BASE.ZIP33756Oct 16 1991Collection of xBASE utilities. APPE,COMP,NTX,STR.
2SCREEN.ZIP2931Apr 6 1987Similiar to DBase's BROWSE command, but this routine allows you to edit a Dbase DBF. By Gary Blatt.
3PX50.ZIP68715Feb 8 1989Language Extensions and User Functions for use with the Clipper Compiler Summer 1987 Version .
3PXCLO.ZIP2372Feb 17 1990Clipper object file to add a on-screen clock to your applications.
50ERRS.ZIP7670Oct 5 1990Clipper 5.0 routine to re-package 5.0 Error Handling conventions to those compatible with Summer '87.
50MOUSE.ZIP14455Nov 24 1990Use a mouse in your Clipper 5.0 routines.
50NGCH.ZIP9898Sep 29 1990This is a Norton Guides file containing the text of the .CH header files supplied with Clipper 5.0.
52A.ZIP1239Mar 26 1993Upgrade information for Clipper 5.2a with a brief summary of the changes. Download 52aus.exe and Patch.exe to fully upgrade your copy. Downloaded from the Clipper section of Compuserve.
52AUS.ZIP34628Mar 15 1993Upgrade file for Clipper 5.2a. Also requires Patch.exe.
52CHGS.ZIP6705Apr 15 1993Document summary of changes in CA Clipper Version 5.2.
52CUS.ZIP346503Aug 16 1993Patch to Clipper 5.2 from CA. For US version. Patch "C". Requires PATCH.EXE.
52DCLIP.ZIP1177503Apr 21 1994This file contains the latest patch (5.2D) for Clipper.
52EUSX.ZIP1359361Mar 21 1995Clipper 5.2x patch to Clipper 5.2e 2/7/95 .
ACCI1_0.ZIP28774Oct 23 1987A very complete and comprehensive general purpose Clipper library.
ACGMAIL.ZIP121043Feb 15 1987A Clipper application that will handle large personalized mailings. Includes full Clipper source code and examples.
ACID-ET1.ZIP250371Nov 29 1990This is a great programers development system for Dbase and Clipper. Part 1 of 2.
ACID-ET2.ZIP194718Nov 29 1990Excellent dBase and Clipper development system. Part 2 of 2.
ACOMCLIP.ZIP8448Mar 1 1987A set of Clipper W85 callable functions to support interrupt driven serial character I/O. Input is buffered, output is polled.
ACWRAP.ZIP1704Dec 11 1988Adds Wrap Capability to ACHOICE Menus in Clipper.
AC_READ.ZIP1935Apr 13 1989DBase code that allows for scrolling reads using ACHOICE(). Achoice works in its normal manner with the ability to edit and change the contents of the array.
ADAM30.ZIP428658Dec 3 1990ADAM V3.0. Advanced Data Access Manager for Clipper '87. Template/Object type program generator. Excellent for developers.
ADDRBOOK.ZIP2043Jul 6 1988Catalog and print name, addresses, and phone numbers in small format for adress book. Includes full dBase source code.
ADDUDF.ZIP5413Jun 20 1989Clipper generic database add a record function with SOURCE!.
ADVANCED.ZIP231591Sep 29 1988Complete source code to Advanced Techniques in dBASE III Plus, by Alan Simpson.
ADVANSTR.ZIP10553Feb 8 1988Advanced String Searching: Adding POS() to dBASE III Plus.
ADVSTR.ZIP12470Feb 23 1988Advanced String Searching: Adding POS() to dBASE III PLUS.
AE501A.ZIP8793Oct 19 1992Clipper 5.01a array problem fix from Nantucket Forum.
AEIWCNT.ZIP5006Nov 2 1991Clipper S'87 & 5.01 library functions to count words in a string, memo field, or an entire text file.
AEI_NCAP.ZIP2788Nov 4 1991Clipper S'87 & 5.01 library to turn print queue capture on/off, flush queue, and cancel on Netware servers.
AGS210.ZIP75588May 8 1988The Application Generator System. Part 2 of 2.
AGSDOC.ZIP64163May 8 1988The Applications Generator System (AGS) is a system that will take a Dbase III+ database, and with some additional guidance will become a fully-operational Datbase Management System. Part 1 of 2.
ALSLIB.ZIP5560Aug 8 1988Very nice and complete window screen library for Clipper.
ANIMPLUS.ZIP1779Apr 9 1987This is a routine that will animate a character string across any line of a screen using dBase II or III.
ANOTPO.ZIP4581Jun 22 1989This C function for Clipper returns the position in an array which DOES NOT match the char, num, date, or logical that is specified.
APICK.ZIP6935Nov 14 1988APICK is similiar to dBase's ACHOICE() command. The APICK() function presents data in the same manner as ACHOICE() but allows multiple selections rather than one.
APOP.ZIP4300Apr 24 1993Generic Clipper 5.x ACHOICE function. Pass Top, left, bottom, right and array to pop. APOP handles the rest.
ARCVIEW.ZIP10812Feb 13 1993PRG source code and Clipper library for viewing ARC, LZH, ARJ, ZIP, and ZOO files. Source code costs $5.
ARGV.ZIP2830May 12 1989Returns the directory that the Clipper EXE was run from. Full source.
ARNSCN.ZIP1753Aug 2 1989Clipper C function that will search an array for a given string or numerical value. C source included.
ARR.ZIP4368Jan 2 1988This Clipper program allows you to create .ARR files that can be restored using an array restore utility.
ARRAYDOC.ZIP2780Jan 14 1987Very good information on Clipper's handling of arrays.
ARRAYINF.ZIP2388Dec 11 1987Clipper '87 array handling information.
ARRY_ART.ZIP18338Jan 18 1993Three articles about Clipper 5.x arrays.
ARYTOOLZ.ZIP2744Aug 18 1992FOXPRO - some useful array tools.
ASC2DB3.ZIP86041May 17 1988The purpose of this program is to allow the easy conversion of FIXED field ASCII files into dBase III,III+ files.
ASM.ZIP10260Apr 6 1987A tutorial on how to write simple programs in assembly using DEBUG, and then interfacing them with dBase type languages.
ASMCLIP.ZIP30261Nov 19 1986Access Clipper through assembly routines.
ASMFILE.ZIP30256Nov 19 1986Many very useful ASM routines written for use with Clipper. Includes full ASM source code.
ASMFLS.ZIP24607Aug 17 1987Various ASM Clipper routines with full source code included.
ATEDIT.ZIP5496Jun 7 1993ATEDIT: Minimal Clipper version of FoxPro's @...EDIT command.
ATOD.ZIP86292May 17 1988Convert ASCII files to dBase formats.
ATT.ZIP1097Jun 8 1989Clipper command that sets color attribute for a given area of the screen, without affecting underlying text.
ATTRIB.ZIP1966Mar 22 1989C source that provides an ATTR color command to Clipper.
AUTOFORC.ZIP5675Mar 17 1988Boxes converts a format file produced by CREATE SCREEN to a program to print the screen on the printer. Line- and box-drawing commands are converted to @...SAY commands.
A_CL508.ZIP5996Jun 25 1987A group of Clipper UDFs.
B201NG.ZIP28290Jul 24 1992Norton Guide for Blinker 2.01.
BACKREST.ZIP8446Jul 12 1989Backup and restore datafiles from within Clipper. Includes source.
BAILOUT.ZIP1031May 22 1991A FoxPro User defined function to bail out or stop execution of an application.
BAR_39.ZIP4060Aug 7 1989BARCODE.PRG is a dBASE program which will print a barcode of a string passed to it as a parameter.
BAR_391.ZIP4669Aug 7 1989A new bar code program for dBase IV. Includes source code.
BBS14.ZIP10964Jul 7 1989List of BBS's that have a Dbase section.
BETDATE.ZIP1534Feb 21 1987Calc # of days between 2 dates.
BILLING.ZIP27307Nov 12 1986A time billing system written in Clipper. For use by consultants.
BLDBROW.ZIP4384Aug 21 1991Browse builder for Foxpro 2.5.
BLD_DBF.ZIP27393Feb 9 1988BLD_DBF allows the user to create and load a dBase III compatable database file. The structure of the database is defined by an ASCII file that contains the structure specification.
BLI120.ZIP43066Aug 10 1990Blinker update v1.10 to v1.20 from BLINK (you must have Blinker v1.10).
BLI130.ZIP47118Sep 9 1990Blinker update package, requires Blinker 1.20, updates to 1.30.
BLI150.ZIP85370May 24 1991Blinker linker maintenance update version 1.5. Requires previous version.
BLI201.ZIP139461Jul 24 1992Blinker linker update from 2.00 to 2.01.
BLIDEM.ZIP60503Mar 14 1990BLINKER is a dynamic overlay linker which allows the Clipper developer to easily and effectively overcome the 640KB limit.
BLIMAN15.ZIP70554Sep 9 1990Blinker 1.5 user manual. This is for the Clipper 5.0 version, but applies to earlier versions.
BLINK151.ZIP75583Jan 16 1992Blinker 1.51 upgrade (Works with registered versions only).
BMOUSE87.ZIP5361Dec 8 1987Mouse support for Clipper.
BOXES.ZIP2311Jul 11 1989Clipper exploding box & shadow routine.
BOXLIB.ZIP46246Oct 5 1990Box-drawing object library for Clipper 5.0. Also includes a text file explaining the use of objects with Clipper.
BP501.ZIP3568Feb 15 1992Profiler for Blinker and Clipper 501.
BR02A.ZIP12574Aug 15 1989Back*Rite provides a fast, efficient, and flexible back-up utility to link into your Clipper, Summer '87 applications.
BROWSE21.ZIP27291Mar 29 1990Clipper BROWSE function that will allow you to easily browse dBase-type files interactively.
BROWZE.ZIP15197Jul 16 1991Short little browse helper for Foxpro 2.5.
BSDS_SRC.ZIP13609Jul 5 1989A baseball statistics program written in dbase from GMUtant.
BUG11.ZIP9603Mar 17 1989Source code level debugging for Clipper.
BULLETIN.ZIP39607Apr 23 1992Technical bulletins from the Blinker BBS.
BUSOPP.ZIP10922May 13 1987Business oppurtunity pgm db3.
BUTTON01.ZIP35743Apr 4 1990This template is designed to allow the user to create a control panel in FoxView and then generate a menu with "Radio Buttons", "Check Boxes" and "Text Buttons".
C2DBASE.ZIP57494Nov 28 1985Excellent set of utilities that allow using C with dBASE.
C50001.ZIP2640Oct 1 1990Bulletins from Nantucket on Clipper 5.0 Problems/Solutions.
C50002.ZIP4409Oct 1 1990Bulletins Fron Nantucket on Clippr 5.0 Problems/Solutions.
C501A.ZIP292164Sep 7 1992Clipper v5.01a update from NFORUM.
C5ANOM07.ZIP51515Dec 18 1990Clipper 5.0 anomilies in a Norton Guides Database & Text File.
CALDEMO.ZIP3051May 1 1990Pop-up calendar for date entry with Clipper source.
CANS_101.ZIP42713Mar 23 1988Beer Can Collector's Data Base - DB3+ Req'd.
CBJGAME.ZIP6982Jul 2 1989Clipper object file that will allow you to link in a Blackjack game.
CCA13.ZIP27904Dec 7 1987Clipper Compiler assistant. Recompiles only those files that have changes and need to be recompiled.
CCBOOSTR.ZIP287389Sep 5 1990Control Center Booster for Dbase IV. From the Ashton-Tate BBS.
CDXUS.ZIP49087Jul 11 1994Updated Clipper 5.2d .CDX rdd. Downloaded from the CA Forum on CompuServe.
CENTER.ZIP1340Nov 8 1990Clipper S87 UDF to center a string. Can be used with reports or screens.
CFORCLIP.ZIP7778Jun 13 1989Various C functions for Clipper. Very easy to include in your own programs. Full source code.
CGOODS.ZIP21871Jun 8 1988Nice UDF's for CLIPPER with C source code.
CHISEL.ZIP1669Jan 14 1994Functions for giving windows a chiseled stone look in Clipper 5.
CHKNDXPO.ZIP44068Sep 12 1989ChkNdxPO is a dBASE utility that reads a dBASE III, III+ or IV index (.NDX) file and tells you what is wrong with it.
CIPHER.ZIP2575Sep 7 1991This is a FoxPro library of encryption and decryption routines.
CISDIR.ZIP2365Oct 13 1989Clipper routine that checks to see if a directory path exists.
CL504ER.ZIP35957Sep 8 1991Clipper 5.01 bugs, anomolies and documentation errors, in text and Norton Guide forms. Dated 9/91.
CLBBS111.ZIP21766Nov 5 1991Clipper newsletter from Holland.
CLCLOK.ZIP6293Jun 22 1988On-Line CLOCK display for your CLIPPER applications with dynamic UPDATE.
CLDOT.ZIP87338Jan 7 1988CLdot is an interactive dot prompt mode for Dbase and Clipper DBMS's.
CLFUNC01.ZIP1827Apr 3 1987Clipper Functions.
CLIP110.ZIP27983Nov 21 1990Clip is the command-line compiler driver (MAKE system) that Nantucket should have written for Clipper.
CLIP52A.ZIP79838Mar 21 1993Maintenance release for Clipper 5.2. Fixes a couple of minor problems with the latest release of Clipper.
CLIP5INT.ZIP2946Jul 18 1991Call any interrupt from CLIPPER 5.0x and return reg-values per @ref.
CLIP5NOT.ZIP12743Oct 8 1990Documentation for functions left out of Clipper 5.0's documentation. Also includes Support Bulletin #3.
CLIPBOX.ZIP7257Jul 31 1989Exploding window box routines for use with Clipper.
CLIPBR.ZIP6807Jul 4 1986Ability to browse through database for Clipper.
CLIPC.ZIP6802Jan 31 1990Various C Functions For Clipper - Good UDF Examples.
CLIPCA.ZIP5281May 22 1990CLiPCAL is a handy pop-up-calendar with many features that you can use stand-alone, or link with any of your Clipper application programs.
CLIPCAL.ZIP4616May 22 1990CLiPCAL is a handy pop-up-calendar with many features, that you can use stand-alone, or link with any of your Clipper application programs.
CLIPCOMM.ZIP12146Jan 10 1989This program allows Clipper to access the COM1 port on an interrupt driven, buffered basis.
CLIPCOPY.ZIP900Jun 8 1990A simple low-level copy routine written in Clipper.
CLIPDEV.ZIP94429Oct 18 1988Beta Clipper enviroment. Allows testing of new libraries.
CLIPDIAL.ZIP11182Dec 17 1987Inteligent Dialer To Include w/Clipper Applications.
CLIPDOC.ZIP30124Sep 10 1987Nice Documentation on Clipper Commands and Functions.
CLIPDOCS.ZIP29654Sep 10 1987Manual for clipper autumn 1986.
CLIPEDIT.ZIP3199Aug 17 1986An edit function for Clipper with full source code.
CLIPGR12.ZIP66774Feb 2 1989Graphics routines for Clipper.
CLIPHELP.ZIP1951Jun 29 1988Simple help system for Clipper programs.
CLIPINKY.ZIP1119Jan 26 1987Numeric values for XBASE INKEY() and LASTKEY().
CLIPLITE.ZIP7189Jun 13 1989CLIPPER LITE is a group of .OBJ files intended to help reduce the size of .EXE files, in Clipper programs which do not use all of the features/commands of Clipper in a single program.
CLIPMEM.ZIP1957Jun 28 1988Tips for reducing Clipper memory use.
CLIPMENU.ZIP4866Nov 23 1990An enhanced PROMPTER() command for Clipper. Use instead of built-in PROMPT/MESSAGE/MENU commands.
CLIPMN50.ZIP24445Jun 9 1988A simple Clipper menu generator. Creates easy to modify menus.
CLIPNET.ZIP17627Sep 22 1988Tech notes on Clipper network programming.
CLIPPASS.ZIP1445Feb 4 1986Password routine written in Clipper with source code.
CLIPQMAC.ZIP11277Aug 13 1989A collection of QEdit macros for use with Clipper.
CLIPSCRN.ZIP6644Feb 9 1989Screen save/restore routines for Clipper written in C. Very nice.
CLIPSHAD.ZIP2583Aug 10 1991Clipper S'87/5.01 .OBJ to easily produce shadows for boxes.
CLIPSRN2.ZIP25264May 30 1986Outstanding dBase III/ Clipper Data Input Screen Generating Utility!.
CLIPSWP2.ZIP18840Mar 24 1991Swap System for Clipper S87. Swaps all but 30k to EMS, XMS or disk freeing up enough memory to run large external applications.
CLIPSY.ZIP3913Dec 18 1992Clipper Symbol Table Lib.
CLIPTRAK.ZIP3053Jul 20 1989Add Compiler info & comments to Clipper EXE's need Clipper!.
CLIPUDF.ZIP11633May 28 1986Useful User Defined Functions for CLIPPER.
CLIP_NG.ZIP139947Jul 14 1988Norton Guide database for Clipper.
CLNCLP.ZIP48878Nov 1 1993Clean Clipper code formatter formats Clipper code nicely.
CLP2WP.ZIP22545Mar 2 1992Routines for C and Clipper to create WordPerfect documents.
CLP5NEWS.ZIP13904Sep 11 1990News from Nantucket about Clipper 5 and Orlando Developer' Conference.
CLP87DOC.ZIP38455Dec 21 1987Docs that Nantucket forgot to print.
CLPFONTS.ZIP71894Jun 17 1991Allows use of different fonts on EGA/VGA systems from within Clipper. Uses EXPAND30.ZIP library.
CLPMOU.ZIP12940Jul 28 1993Mouse routines for interfacing with Clipper S87 - 5.xx.
CLPQMAC.ZIP11279Aug 13 1989Qedit macros for use with Clipper!.
CLPREG09.ZIP7914Jan 23 1991REGISTER is a utility for Clipper Summer '87 that allows you to distribute unregistered shareware applications, and provide the user a method to register their copy without the need to send special registered disks.
CLRSHOW.ZIP5908May 7 1991Allow users of your DBASEIV application change the screen colors.
CLXSW102.ZIP562674Oct 4 1994CLIX 1.02 full featured, general purpose library for Clipper 5.2 rivaling anything commercially available. Mouse, new GET types, pulldown menus, picklists, MUCH more - over 300 functions.
CL_C.ZIP133765Mar 1 1990Excellent tutor that shows how to write C routines that are callable from within Clipper.
CL_MOUSE.ZIP8874Jan 15 1988Use a mouse with Clipper programs, low memory requirements.
CMORE.ZIP5957Oct 4 1990This is an enhanced version of NANTUCKET's PE.PRG that allows view only mode or edit mode. Plus it allows you to swap to other files.
CMPDBFS2.ZIP12575Nov 1 1990CMPDBFS compares the structures of two dBASE III files to determine whether or not they are identical.
COLCHG.ZIP12613Feb 22 1989Allows user color changes in dBaseIII and Clipper programs.
COLORS.ZIP11955Sep 19 1988Russell Freeland's screen color utility for Dbase programs.
COLORSPE.ZIP6731Nov 27 1990Clipper 5.02 allows for color line Tbrowse.
COLORTOO.ZIP3983May 2 1988FoxBase+ program that saves color settings.
COLURS.ZIP4921Sep 19 1989Routines for Clipper that provide better color support.
COMP2DIR.ZIP4234Oct 30 1989COMPARE 2 DIRECTORIES - dBase III+ program to compare 2 directories for different files or files of the same name that have different sizes or dates.
COMP5.ZIP17851Feb 10 1993FoxPRO 2.0 and 2.5 PLB file, with docs, for data compression up to 75% on DBF and text files. This version limited to 64K or smaller files. Can compress directly from/to memo files.
CONFIGOK.ZIP3471Oct 29 1987dBase routine that checks to make sure that CONFIG.SYS is correct.
CONINDEX.ZIP18972Aug 3 1991Conditional Indexing on Subsets in Clipper 5.01.
CONVDB17.ZIP59310Feb 5 1990Convert ASCII files to dBase or Lotus 1-2-3 file formats. Works very well, and is easy to use.
CONVERTA.ZIP100762Jan 28 1990This program is designed to convert an ASCII file that is not delimited to a Dbase format data file (dbf).
CONV_001.ZIP26354Apr 25 1986Convert 1 measure to another:DOC, DBF.
CPARMS.ZIP7366Jul 10 1990CPARMS is a group of functions written in C to allow the passing of parameters from C to Clipper.
CREATE1.ZIP28344Dec 21 1987DBase III file creation utility.
CROSS.ZIP14067Jun 20 1991Cross Reference program for use with Clipper 5.0 and Summer87.
CUSTDBM.ZIP38007Apr 13 1987Dbase 3+ source code for a Customer/Invoicing system with Payables.
CVREAD.ZIP5057Jul 19 1990Clipper routines to convert from BASIC format numbers to Clipper.
D-CALC.ZIP25554Jun 4 1988Dbase III code for a simple floating point "calculator" that performs some basic hand-held calculator functions.
D3.ZIP21744Feb 5 1989C interface into dBase III.
DALBUM12.ZIP31824Mar 2 1989A Dbase III based system for cataloging music.
DAMAGE.ZIP19528Jun 14 1988What to do about damaged DBASE files.
DATADICT.ZIP22836Jun 16 1992FOXPRO 2.0 data dictionary for Xbase systems, very good start.
DATAMO.ZIP34243Aug 12 1991FoxPro Data Move utility. Convert between file formats.
DB-COMM.ZIP8376Oct 15 1986Database and interface routines to allow DBASE III+ to communicate through the Com ports.
DB2WP.ZIP10534Sep 16 1988Converts dBASE DBF files to be used by WP 5.0 Mail merge, NICE.
DB3-ART.ZIP32908Jun 4 1987Some good dBase routines from Aston-Tate DB department.
DB3-DD.ZIP6357Dec 30 1985DBase II data dictionary generator by Gene Clark.
DB3-GKEY.ZIP4671Aug 3 1986Super getkey() for Dbase III.
DB3-MENU.ZIP30630May 12 1986Quick dBase III Menu Maker.
DB3AMORT.ZIP5014Mar 29 1985Excellent amortization program with full dBase III code.
DB3AR.ZIP42297Oct 16 1985Great Accounts Receivable system written in dBase III with full source.
DB3CHK21.ZIP10395May 26 1987DB3: Checkbook Balancer.
DB3COLO.ZIP6357Dec 30 1985DBase III color utility.
DB3DEBUG.ZIP2997Apr 29 1986DBase III + debugger - beats DEBUG & SET ECHO ON any day.
DB3FIXPO.ZIP22022Oct 28 1986Repairs damaged dBase files.
DB3FKEYS.ZIP2722Mar 15 1986Use function keys while editing.
DB3LEDGE.ZIP25361Nov 22 1985Excellent General Ledger program with full dBase III source.
DB3LOG.ZIP66836Apr 17 1987DB3: Logbook for Ham Radio.
DB3LOGO.ZIP1219Feb 1 1987Routine to get rid of that (*^&%%^* inital signon message from dBase III +.
DB3MAIL.ZIP8973Oct 5 1987Very nice mailing list program written in dBase with full source.
DB3MOUSE.ZIP7264Dec 15 1985Use a mouse in DBase III.
DB3PRINT.ZIP7577Sep 23 1987Instructions on printing from within dBase III.
DB3PROCS.ZIP10832Feb 18 1991Instructions and demo on how to use proceedure files in dBase III+IV.
DB3SALES.ZIP16077Feb 14 1986Nice sales prospecting system with full dBase III source code.
DB3SGEN.ZIP31657Jun 12 1986Generate Screens & Program Code for dBase III Plus.
DB3SMG2.ZIP9662Sep 27 1987DBase III + menu generator. Not a good substitute for QuickCode or Genifer.
DB3STOCK.ZIP24387Apr 13 1986Excellent group of user interface routines for dBase III. WIth source.
DB3TIPS1.ZIP41918Nov 30 1985Dbase III notes vol 1 pretty good for the novice.
DB3TIPS2.ZIP53373Jul 1 1986Dbase III notes vol 2 good for novices.
DB3TIPS3.ZIP12753Dec 21 1986Dbase III notes vol 3 good for novices.
DB3TOOLS.ZIP9800Oct 6 1986Tools for dBase III+ 1.1.
DB4ANOM.ZIP56349Jan 19 1990Lastest Dbase IV list of known anomalies.
DB4CUR.ZIP1128Jun 12 1989Simple dBase routine that will turn the cursor on and off.
DB4INTRO.ZIP8413Nov 2 1988Summary of Some of the Proposed dBase IV Commands.
DB4LESS1.ZIP56062Feb 28 1989DBASE-IV Tutorial Part 1 of 3.
DB4LESS2.ZIP57872Feb 28 1989DBASE-IV Tutorial Part 2 of 3.
DB4LESS3.ZIP145256Feb 28 1989DBASE-IV Tutorial Part 3 of 3.
DB4LIB.ZIP38388Mar 29 1991A large collection of DBASE IV .BIN routines.
DB4PROC.ZIP16256May 18 1991DBASE IV UDF and Procedure Library.
DB4RPT.ZIP241207Mar 11 1993Ad Hoc Report Writer for dBase IV.
DB4TIPS.ZIP49244Apr 27 1989Tips for using DBASE IV.
DB4TUTR.ZIP128567Jun 5 1990Tutor for dBase IV. Includes first lesson, you have to register to get the other two parts.
DB4WORDS.ZIP3797Jun 9 1989List of DB4 words for SNAP 3.x.
DBASE4.ZIP5265Feb 23 1988Text on new dBase4 program features.
DBASEBBS.ZIP18064Jan 28 1988DBASE BBS List Maintenance Program.
DBASEDT3.ZIP19714May 24 1988DBase III+ windowing editor (BIN). Very handy.
DBASEPCX.ZIP5195Dec 7 1988Display a PCX file from within Clipper. ASM source is included.
DBASE_C.ZIP12007Jun 19 1986Allows access to dbf files. in c.
DBB12.ZIP14830May 14 1989Small, elegant database III view and update utility.
DBCHDATE.ZIP1407Apr 8 1987Dbase III+ routines for getting input in the form of a date.
DBDIR.ZIP7296Jan 10 1991DOS utility to display record size, total records and standard DOS info of Dbase III type files. Includes full C source code.
DBDIR8.ZIP9502Apr 3 1989Display DBF File Info From DOS.
DBDISK.ZIP15500Mar 3 1987Db iii directory manager.
DBDTALK.ZIP4084Jul 15 1989Display ÿClipper index progress without a udf!.
DBE.ZIP33453Jun 9 1986Db3ScrnGen is a dBase III Screen Editor and Program Generator editing environment where Screens can be easily designed and then generated into working code.
DBEDIT.ZIP5699May 2 1989Text file describing ways of optimizing Clipper's DBEDIT function with examples.
DBEDT2.ZIP2981May 10 1989Explains how to use DBedit2 as opposed to SET Filter without being slow.
DBEPLUS2.ZIP217035Aug 24 1990Give up dBASE for db-Express Plus. Includes copying/pasting data, relations, look up tables, reports writer, multi-level, query-by-example, and "where is" style searches. dBASE compatible. Version 2.0.
DBF2CH.ZIP4462Nov 21 1993Clipper 5 utility which converts dbf files into .ch header files.
DBFCLEAN.ZIP18189Jan 28 1991Cleans up Xbase type DBF headers for files that have corrupted records, false EOF markers, etc.
DBFDELI1.ZIP96620Jan 14 1993Convert .dbf files to standard delimited ASCII files.
DBFED12.ZIP141991Sep 15 1990Dbase Editor is an editor to access and edit database files created by Clipper, Dbase III Plus, Dbase IV, or FoxBase+.
DBFIXFIX.ZIP1122Jan 8 1990Removes the copyright screen that is popped up when loading dBase IV.
DBFLAN.ZIP2639Feb 12 1988DBase III LAN code examples.
DBFNDX.ZIP22859Nov 15 1991NDX driver for Clipper 5.01.
DBFONTS.ZIP4151Aug 8 1993FONTS.PRG allows the use of multiple fonts for the LaserJet III series of printers.
DBFSTRU.ZIP10903Oct 18 1989See structure of dbf file from dos line.
DBFX.ZIP19171Jun 27 1988Program to display or print DBIII header, structure or file contents.
DBFXREF.ZIP90353Dec 30 1988Print DBF usage in all PRG files, source included.
DBF_FILL.ZIP157640Sep 9 1993Handy util filling a dbf file with the names of the files in the current directory.
DBHELP30.ZIP105217Feb 27 1991On line help for dBase IV - requires Dbase IV.
DBIIISDF.ZIP5363Jun 9 1986Understanding dBase's SDF and DELIMITED file formats.
DBINDER.ZIP12295Jul 17 1990dBINDER intelligently binds your dBASE/FoxBASE program files. You give dBINDER the name of your top program file and it searches for all other program files used by the system. It then binds these files together to form
DBLASER.ZIP961Sep 4 1986DB3: Procedure file to set laserjet printer.
DBLOOKUP.ZIP1413Oct 1 1992The best interactive db lookup routine. Uses interactive lookup field, supports backspace (.prg code).
DBMAKE10.ZIP37932Nov 10 1986Quick Silver MAKE utility.
DBMATH.ZIP4319Jul 10 1985DBMATH contains several higher math functions and statistical analysis command programs for use with dBASE II.
DBMENU.ZIP2501Nov 7 1990Clipper menu program, change the database to create the menu.
DBMENU41.ZIP66864Sep 17 1988Menu generator for Dbase III.
DBNOTE.ZIP3326Jan 6 1995Introduction to Database Management Systems using dBase III+.
DBO.ZIP22285Mar 28 1989Easily move data from dBase and Clipper to Oracle.
DBOWP5.ZIP7000Nov 9 1989Convert dBASE data to WordPerfect format.
DBPRINT.ZIP33686Oct 13 1988A great printer module for dBase programmers. Makes sending out printer controls a breeze. Very easy to use.
DBROW20.ZIP66221Oct 8 1990Upgrade to Dbrowse with many new featurestC.
DBROWSER.ZIP25634Nov 12 1990Windows 3.0 dBase .DBF file browser.
DBSCN1.ZIP173232Jul 30 1991DBScreen is a screen design utility for Clipper. It will allow the developer to create input/display screens much more quickly than the manual approach.
DBSCRNCH.ZIP12981Oct 28 1986Optimize your DBASE code.
DBSM20.ZIP214087Jan 21 1989Database Structure Manager for dBASE/Clipper/Foxbase main files 1 of 2.
DBSMIMP.ZIP132387Jan 20 1989Structure import facility for DBSM_20. Used for dBase files.
DBSMINFO.ZIP2469Jan 20 1989A brief introduction to DBSM data dictionary and structure manager.
DBSM_20.ZIP211694Jan 21 1989Data Dictionary and Structure Manager for dBase-type files.
DBSTPO32.ZIP11291Oct 18 1989Display the structure of all dBASE IV, III, II, FoxPro DBF files on disk.
DBSTRUCT.ZIP7481Jan 28 1988Lists dBASE file structure. Includes C source code.
DBSWUTIL.ZIP62454Feb 26 1989Database of dBase utils.
DBT10.ZIP69825Nov 1 1989DBase III routines written in ASM that provides popup windows with boxed and shadowed frames, and other screen management features.
DBT123S.ZIP116496Jan 20 1991DBTools 1.23 dBASE enhancement kit. 25 functions to add popup windows and menus plus much more to Dbase dialects.
DBTCNV.ZIP17908Jun 27 1990DBTCoNVerT is designed to help in the shrinking and optimization of memo fields in dBASE III, III+ and IV.
DBTDMO20.ZIP194073Feb 26 1991DBTools 2.0 PRO demo. Dbase enhancement kit adds popup menus, windows, picklists, pulldown menus, color, printer, mouse, sound control plus much more (40 functions) to any of the Dbase dialects.
DBTOC.ZIP21487Nov 18 1987C source code that allows you to access DBASE dbf files. Very nice functions, but will not handle indexs.
DBTOOLS.ZIP48149Jul 14 1986A set of DBASE III tools.
DBTOPAS.ZIP16730Nov 22 1986Converts a dBase III database for use with Turbo. Easy to use.
DBUDDY24.ZIP78252Jan 6 1993A dBase tool for the building of .Dbf and .Dbt dBase compatable Files from text files.
DBUGDB2.ZIP5672Apr 5 1989Debugger for dBase III. Check your code out for common mistakes.
DBUTIL6.ZIP11319Sep 24 1986Some d-base utilities .prg.
DBV121.ZIP40821Jun 14 1992Simple viewer for taking quick looks inside dBASE-compatible .DBF files in record & browse modes. Does single-field, scan-across searches.
DBVIEW20.ZIP68696Apr 11 1993DBVIEW v2.20 - DOS database file viewer, supports dBASE III+/IV and FoxPro.
DBWIN.ZIP16053Apr 27 1987Creates a Window at saves the screen behind the window.
DBWIND2.ZIP28227Jan 14 1988Good Windowing Utilities For dBase.
DBWRAP2.ZIP1120Jun 30 1988Word-Wrap dBase fields as they are displayed or printed.
DBXLMAC.ZIP3667Jan 2 1989QEdit macro for dBXL/Quicksilver (also Fox/dBASE).
DBXTOPRN.ZIP1166May 4 1987Send printer control codes from DBIII(+)/Clipper.
DB_DIREC.ZIP16730Jul 20 1990dBase source code that searches all directories on a hard disk. Displays all found files and directories on screen.
DCATALOG.ZIP28236May 30 1991Catalogs dBase .dbf and .ndx files, also works with Fox idx files.
DCH11.ZIP9024Aug 21 1988Clipper Dchoice Function (replacement for Achoice!).
DCTUTOR.ZIP312481Nov 28 1990DCTUTOR is a self-tutoring system for Clipper 5.0.
DD.ZIP381521Oct 2 1993A complete data dictionary program written in FOXPRO for applications development. A subset of a professionally released program.
DD_PRINT.ZIP18353Sep 18 1990This library allows Clipper programmers to tailor thier software to the more frequently used functions of 100 different printers.
DECANT09.ZIP21870Jan 10 1986Strips comments & abbrev. reserved words to increase DBASE .PRG speed.
DEVIL001.ZIP15175Apr 3 1991An excellent Foxpro programmers utility by Fred Wampler.
DFIXUP36.ZIP17910May 25 1988Processes standard dBASE-type program files, and writes properly indented output files. And checks for some common programming mistakes.
DFLW6.ZIP20781Apr 8 1987DBase III flow program. Documents your dbase III+ program files for easier reading and understanding.
DGENIII.ZIP26750Sep 2 1985DGenerate -- Dbase program generator's source code.
DGENIUS.ZIP13644Feb 6 1987DGENIUS is a collection of dBASE III Plus programs that allow you to create and maintain small databases on diskettes without knowing the dBASE command language.
DG_CLIP.ZIP91205Aug 15 1985DGENERATE is a dBASE III screen and code generator written entirely in dBASE III. The generated code is intended to assist rather than replace the application programmer.
DICTION.ZIP7582Jan 13 1988Program to create and update database dictionaries for Clipper.
DIRSEEK.ZIP4236Feb 16 1988Clipper traverse subdir functions.
DISPLA2.ZIP18966Sep 28 1989Displays/view text files from within Clipper. C source included.
DISPME.ZIP28709Oct 23 1988Display memo field dbt files in DBASE.
DISPSTRU.ZIP101155Jan 30 1991Quickly display Dbase (DBF) file structures to screen, printer or file. With Clipper 5.0 source code.
DLOCKS.ZIP12847Jun 18 1990First Version of dLock and dUnLock utilites for locking/unlocking dBase IV databases and memo files. These programs are shareware and source code may be provided if individuals request it.
DMETCLIP.ZIP45280Jun 5 1991Com Lib for all versions of CLIPPER, very good working demo.
DMETD3FX.ZIP39362Jun 5 1991Com Lib for DBASE III/III+ Foxbase Quicksilver & compatibles. Good working demo.
DMETD4FP.ZIP39464Jun 5 1991Com Lib for Dbase 4 & Foxpro. Working demo, very good.
DMSLIB.ZIP7078Oct 30 1987A collection of Clipper UDFs.
DMSOOPS1.ZIP19700Sep 17 1988Error Display Utility for Clipper S87.
DONE.ZIP283499Sep 12 1988Great dbase/clipper program generator.
DP131.ZIP147151Aug 10 1988dPROG is a DBASE III screen painter and system generator.
DPRINT.ZIP33686Oct 13 1988Dbase print untility for use in programs--excellent control of printer,.
DPROGS.ZIP54421Jul 14 1986Assorted db III progs.
DQ.ZIP26146May 4 1990DataQuick. A series of dBase III+ program modules desiged to develop databases, input screens, edit, print, and search functions from a menu-driven interface.
DRMEN101.ZIP109480Sep 6 1988Dbase/Clipper dropdown menu generator.
DSCAR3.ZIP83699Jul 23 1989Latest version DSCAR, dBase documenter/toolbox.
DSIDCAT.ZIP17782Apr 25 1986Disk Cataloger in dBase III.
DTB104F.ZIP28376May 9 1990Utility for Clipper programmers that will extract field information to a file or memory variables.
DTF102.ZIP10596Oct 17 1991Dynamic text files for Clipper. A format for memo type fields which takes less space.
DTUNE.ZIP25013Sep 23 1985A dBase III + utility to shorten all key words to 4 characters, print source code, and pretty source code with proper indenting.
DUPCHK.ZIP5512Aug 30 1988A text file that explains how to eliminate duplicate name+address records when using dBase III.
DUPKEY.ZIP1424Aug 13 1987Clipper Duplicate Error Checking routine.
DUTCH_FN.ZIP26048Jun 27 1988Large collection of Clipper routines in C by a Dutch fellow.
DVTOOLS.ZIP15173Jan 28 1993Some tools for DESQview users, one spawns tasks in dBase. Includes ASM source code.
DYNABASE.ZIP123950Nov 6 1988Very fast and powerful dbase routines.
DYNAPPND.ZIP15176Aug 8 1986Quick appends from one .DBF to another with identical fields.
EDITIT10.ZIP3476Sep 21 1989DBase code that simulates dBase's own EDIT command.
ERIN10.ZIP20625Jun 18 1987Good collection of Clipper functions, including scrolling selection menu.
ERRLOG2.ZIP10677Oct 2 1989Comprehensive error control system for use with Clipper.
ERS501.ZIP6924Jul 2 1992This is an ErrorSys handler for Clipper 5.01.
ERSYS5.ZIP5961Mar 11 1991Error system for Clipper 5.0. Includes source code.
EVIEW605.ZIP121851Oct 14 1994Update with improved index and search system. Includes browse, edit, search, delete, append, copy, etc. Also phone/modem dialer, Append DUPLICATE copy of this record. Network vers. of popular dbf reader/editor. UL by au
EXPAND30.ZIP72392Jun 3 1991Good library of low-level functions for Clipper S87.
EZBBSC.ZIP163928Feb 4 1992BBS in Clipper 5.0 (SilverComm Requried for Re-Compilation).
FAQ.ZIP16811Dec 1 1992Frequently asked questions about Clipper 5 programming.
FCOL2.ZIP4266Feb 5 1993Funcky II colors in Norton Guides file format.
FCT1_11.ZIP62000Nov 13 1991Force Tools version 1.2 (Toolbox for the Force compiler).
FDATE.ZIP3041Jun 20 1986Db3 prg for date formating.
FDICAL.ZIP9511Feb 2 1990Clipper source examples part 2 of FDILIB.
FDIDOCS.ZIP47256Feb 2 1990Clipper source examples part 4 of fdilib.
FDIEXAM.ZIP46121Feb 2 1990Clipper source examples part 3 of fdilib.
FDILIB.ZIP100999Feb 2 1990A large collection of Clipper files and routines.
FED10.ZIP26392Nov 5 1992Fast Editor beta 1.0 - object oriented editor in Clipper with Classy.
FFORM.ZIP12319Oct 30 1990Funcky Dlesko Summer'87 Add-on modification: modified fgetform function which reads its data from a dictionary file instead of just a text file, so that you don't end up with a lot of scattered files.
FIELDS.ZIP2337Nov 24 1992Clipper .PRG file checks database fields for max lengths -- allows trimming of database based on data field lengths.
FINFUNC.ZIP2426Sep 20 1988Several financial functions for dBase. Includes source code.
FIST.ZIP4684Aug 18 1987Display DBIII+ Structure from DOS.
FKEYS.ZIP2159Dec 7 1989Simple way to set function keys in Clipper so they call procedures.
FLAG6192.ZIP171691Jul 23 1990This program flags duplicate records in a dBase database file.
FLASER.ZIP6851Feb 14 1991LASER.PRG is a FoxPro user-defined function that was written to allow control of PCL type laser printers from FoxPro programs.
FLENGTH.ZIP22369Jun 11 1987Calc field length from Col position.
FLOPTST2.ZIP8109Feb 22 1988Check status of A: & B: with Clipper 87.
FM10.ZIP19205Oct 4 1989FASTMENU - Fast Pull Down Menus for dBASE III and above.
FM10D.ZIP19242Jun 2 1990Fast menu utility for Xbase dialects.
FOG_WIN.ZIP135965Aug 23 1990This is a User-interface library for Clipper. A full featured demo is included. Source code is available to registered Developers. Includes layered windows, menus, shadows, and a context sensitive help system.
FORCE-NG.ZIP317936Mar 6 1991Norton's Guide database for FORCE database compiler.
FORCE.ZIP7652Nov 11 1989FORCE Compiler DEMO and Information.
FORMDB2.ZIP6340Feb 14 1987DB2: mailing label utilities.
FOSCOM.ZIP3819Jan 14 1992Fossil Drivers for Clipper S'87 and Clipper 5.01.
FOX2LIB.ZIP35084Sep 6 1991Fox2LIB is a command library that will allow you to perform low level commands from the FoxPro 2.0 command window and from within your favorite FoxPro 2.0 programs.
FOX2NG.ZIP3974Mar 10 1991Converts FoxPro help files to Norton Guide compilable format.
FOXIND.ZIP11818Nov 2 1989Utility for reading FoxBase+ index (.NDX) files. Complete C source code included.
FOXIT.ZIP7484May 25 1994Very simple utility to use with FoxPro dbf's to strip-out data.
FOXLIB.ZIP87594Apr 19 1991Library of Comm and Disk routines for FoxPro.
FOXMAKE.ZIP20474Sep 15 1989FoxMake is a make utility that can be used in conjunction with the FoxBase compiler from Fox software.
FOXMENU.ZIP13843Aug 1 1988Menu generation system for creating FoxBase menus.
FOXNG.ZIP11348Dec 26 1991Convert FoxPro help files to NG format.
FOXPCX.ZIP6253Feb 5 1992View .PCX files while running a FoxPro 2.0 application. Probably usable with dBase III/IV applications also.
FOXPHONE.ZIP22643Oct 9 1988Simple rolodex type program. Requires FoxPro. Source included.
FOXRPT.ZIP232247Jun 25 1992Clipper/Foxpro Ad Hoc Report Writer.
FOXUTIL.ZIP10208Feb 7 1991Database Structure Fixer and File Fixer for FoxPro - written in FoxPro.
FP2PAT-1.ZIP354594Jul 21 1991FoxPro Version 2.0 Patches - Single User.
FP2PAT-2.ZIP461015Jul 25 1991FoxPro Version 2.0 Patches for the Network Version.
FPICKER.ZIP4325Feb 13 1992A FoxPro 2.0 popup picklist routine. Opens up popup window with a list of items to pick from.
FPU07-30.ZIP1458151Jul 30 1991July 30th update to Foxpro 2 for single user systems.
FRANK.ZIP232798Nov 19 1993Franky library for clipper 5.2, many functions including mousble lists.
FRM2PR20.ZIP16396Apr 2 1989Create Program files (PRG) from dBASE .FRM's v.2.0, Freeland.
FRM2PR21.ZIP16656May 23 1989Creates a dBase III .PRG from a report form file.
FRM2PR23.ZIP17157Dec 13 1989Converts dBASE III report FRM files to PRG files.
FSIZE.ZIP3035Jun 21 1986Db3 .bin file gives file sizes.
FSRCH.ZIP2313Apr 1 1989Uses Low Level Clipper Functions to Find a Text String in any File.
FULL501.ZIP1874May 14 1991Time saving PLL script for Clipper 5.01.
FUNCKY.ZIP1423304Mar 5 1993This is a demo version of the Funcky Library set for Clipper, C and C++ developers. It has many, many callable functions and utilities to add the professionalism needed in your applications.
FUNLIB.ZIP14145Jan 13 1989GrumpFish Fun Library (stuff for clipper).
FX86E.ZIP4295Apr 6 1988Clipper Epson FX printer routines.
FXCOL.ZIP62776Apr 26 1992A Clipper 5.0 add-in. Written in Clipper-callable assembly. It lets you do amazing things with the color palette on VGA monitors. It comes with source code and a very good demo program.
FXWIND.ZIP44610Aug 23 1988This is a demonstration version of Data Base Design's DBDWIND -- Windows for Dbase/Foxbase.
FX_PWORD.ZIP1564Sep 27 1990FoxPro password entry w/o using X (blank) color attribute.
GENFUNC.ZIP7440Dec 11 1990This test program demonstrates the use of the Clipper GENFUNC function.
GENMNX.ZIP120374May 16 1994FoxPro menu generator enhancement tool.
GENSCR.ZIP79303Apr 22 1994FoxPro screen generator enhancement. Public domain tool by Ken Levy.
GENSTR.ZIP1347Sep 9 1989DBF structure code generator. Converts a DBF file structure to a PRG file to let you re-create the file.
GLBROWSE.ZIP13002Feb 26 1988Clipper Summer '87 Browse routine.
GOFER002.ZIP53793Aug 21 1991The Gofer UDF allows the programmer to place database information in picklist format in a FoxPro browse window so a user can easily locate and accept or reject items in the list.
GPLIB.ZIP21568Feb 11 1992FoxPro 2.0 group of network utilities to use in your applications.
GRAPH_IT.ZIP12781Jun 22 1987Graph dbIII files.
GRMOUS.ZIP24117Oct 30 1991GRMOUSE. Graphic mouse for FoxPro V2.0. Replace that block cursor with a excellent graphic pointer. Excellent program, and yes it really does work.
GRMSPELL.ZIP64427Jul 12 1990The Grumpfish Spellchecker is a comprehensive spell-check utility that can be linked instantly into your Clipper applications.
GRUMP.ZIP34713Jul 14 1988Clipr S87 programers' LIBrary w/pop-up applic.
GRUMP131.ZIP61177Nov 4 1988Very large and complete Clipper library of routines.
GRUMPMEN.ZIP63878Nov 8 1989Grumpfish Menu Generator - with demo program, for Clipper summer '87.
GRUMP_NG.ZIP32258Jan 6 1989A Norton Guide on the Clipper Grumpfish Library.
HAND87.ZIP5983Feb 15 1988Increase file handles in CLIPPER S87 to 100.
HBROWSE.ZIP15185Jan 4 1988Emulate dBase Browse in Quick Silver.
HEADFT.ZIP7912Jan 28 1992FoxPro 2.0 utility to print messages in the header/footer border areas of a window.
HELPDEMO.ZIP14127Dec 7 1989A context sensitive HELP facility for Clipper applications.
HLPSYS87.ZIP7574May 26 1988Universal HELP screen generator for Clipper applications.
HOLLY.ZIP1598Dec 1 1988Clipper/dBase program that adds seven days to the DATE passed, adjusting the end date if it falls on a holiday or weekend.
HOMFIN.ZIP66040Mar 21 1987DBase II based home finance package, shareware.
HUNG.ZIP6190Dec 5 1990Proposed Hungarian Notation Standard for Clipper 5.0.
IE52NG.ZIP7955Oct 19 1993Clipper 5.2 error messages described with helpful hints in Norton Guide file. A must have for serious Clipper developers.
IMG2DB.ZIP6365Sep 16 1988Converts select OCLC fields to dBase rec.
INSTAPOP.ZIP8084Feb 19 1991DB4: Procedure for creating pop-ups.
INTEL.ZIP92887May 12 1987Weighted Data Retrieval for Dbase III/III+.
JBCAL20.ZIP10848Jan 31 1989Point and shoot calendar for Clipper S87.
JBV1_2.ZIP23619Mar 11 1988SANDY - A collection of array, memory variable, and windowing functions for Clipper.
JKEY06.ZIP18874May 18 1992FoxPro 2.0 better BROWSE routine. Interface was written in C and is called via a Fox .PLB library function. Really effective.
JOBHUNT.ZIP12611Feb 13 1990A complete dBase III Job Search Program with full source code.
KEVMOUSE.ZIP13811Oct 10 1993Kevin Saffer's Clipper S'87 Mouse Routines.
KEYGET.ZIP2265Jul 8 1992FoxPro 2.0 - converts INKEY()/ASC() output to KEYBOARD() inputs.
KJFC1.ZIP6034Apr 5 1993A container and iterator class library in Clipper - Class(y) required. OClip version available.
KLIPDIAL.ZIP9937Dec 29 1988Clipper S87 & 86 assembler code for a modem dial routine/function.
LADDER.ZIP7000Oct 21 1989Clipper UDFs to interpert Clipper commands. Mainly for use in creating reports to be sent to a printer.
LASER.ZIP9560Dec 3 1989Enhanced laser output for Clipper applications, with full source code.
LASERPRO.ZIP31454May 26 1991Base Clipper library for laser printers.
LASSO.ZIP35802Dec 7 1992LASSO! converts data in non-CSV ASCII files into DBF format files. Very easy to use, lets you create fields on the fly.
LBARGEN.ZIP14829Nov 5 1986Generate lite-bar menus dB3+/PAS/COM & DOC.
LBL_ANOM.ZIP23445Jan 31 1989DB4: Label generator.
LB_SCALE.ZIP1752Jul 23 1990FoxPro procedure that displays an updatable Percent Complete Scale.
LIBCAT12.ZIP55397Feb 5 1989Library Catalog System, version 1.2; more minor revisions, needs dBase3+.
LIBRARY.ZIP54145Jan 7 1989Db3+ Library Catalog System - NEW!.
LIGHTBAR.ZIP1029Aug 26 1987Generate light bar menus in dbase.
LINGO.ZIP12460Feb 23 1987DBase III and Clipper commands and functions.
LINKERS.ZIP32047Jul 7 1990Discussion of Clipper S87 linkers. Good Stuff.
LISTDBF.ZIP14985Mar 9 1989Companion to LIST for dBASE files.
LITBAR.ZIP34145Aug 12 1991Lite Bar menu generator for dBase and clones.
LOCALIZE.ZIP3064Feb 22 1992Help convert CLIPPER S87 code to 5.0 code.
LOCKIT.ZIP21623Jun 1 1991Two programs dLock and dUnLock which lock and unlock dBASE IV databases to protect them. The Turbo Pascal source is included.
LOTLIB.ZIP4556Apr 11 1989Convert Dbase .DBF to Lotus .WK1.
LREPTS87.ZIP96902May 5 1991Report Writer that can be linked into your Clipper S87 programs.
LXNET.ZIP28452Jan 10 1991LXNet Ver. 1.2 - Novell bindery/printing functions for Clipper.
MAEPOP.ZIP5094Aug 22 1991FoxPro 2.0 popup routine for validation of data entry. Very good, complete with samples.
MAKEDBF.ZIP23635Sep 15 1987Create dBase III file structure from DOS or from text file.
MAKELINK.ZIP36891Jan 30 1990Creates a .MAK file to be used with the MAKE program supplied with Clipper. Creates a .LNK file using the TREE.DOC from SNAP. Creates a .BAT to compile and link your program.
MAKENDX.ZIP10439Jan 19 1988Make dB3+ index from DOS.
MARJAN10.ZIP23794Mar 2 1989A general purpose Clipper library. Includes QBE functions.
ME.ZIP3850Sep 4 1988Simple memo editor for dBase languages.
MEMBER.ZIP29696Oct 21 1986DBase membership list - excellent examples of user interface coding.
MEMBERS.ZIP6312Nov 7 1985DBase mebership list program. Good teaching tool - easy to understand.
MEMODPO.ZIP40941Feb 6 1986DBASEIII Memo Field Util/Imports (Demo).
MEMOFIX.ZIP7837Sep 4 1985Print memo fields in reports with Dbase III.
MEMOPRT.ZIP1007Jun 11 1990Print memo files from within Clipper using C. C Source included.
MEMOREAD.ZIP1008Jun 11 1990Read Clipper memo files and formats it for display. C source included.
MEMORPT.ZIP2381Nov 2 1985dBase program to print formatted memo fields with page headers, footers, and margin control. Includes source code.
MENUBAR.ZIP6431Mar 24 1987Menu bar program for Dbase/Quicksilver.
MENUMA1.ZIP85274Mar 9 1990Menu Maker is a set of FoxBase programs and data files which provide an organized method for creating the user interface for any custom system.
MGET.ZIP9269Jan 25 1989EXCELLENT CLIPPER memo field handler UDF.
MININET.ZIP6367Jun 3 1987Networking examples in Clipper.
MOUSEDB3.ZIP7264Dec 15 1985Various Microsoft mouse menues for use with dBase III+.
MOUSEDB4.ZIP17236Jan 12 1989Collection of Microsoft mouse menus for use with dBASE IV.
MSMOUSE2.ZIP4388Aug 21 1987Use MS mouse with dbaseiii+.
MUL_READ.ZIP2526Oct 11 1988Allow Multiple Reads in Clipper.
MVC87100.ZIP35717Jun 10 1990This is a speech-synthesis library for Clipper. It doesn't require any special hardware; uses the regular PC speaker.
NAN-S789.ZIP7850Feb 15 1992Nantucket support bulletins 7, 8, and 9 for Clipper 5.01.
NAN0304.ZIP11383Jan 1 1989Source code from Nantucket News Vol 3 No. 4.
NCC_LIB.ZIP179718Jan 20 1994Nat. Computer Conslt. class library for Clipper 5. This OO class lib requires Class(y). Very nice set of classes for user interface, with demo file editor.
NETFN.ZIP7717Jul 12 1987Various network functions for Clipper written in C.
NETLIB.ZIP294089Dec 19 1993Network library from the people who brought you the NANFORUM toolkit for Clipper. Must have NANFOR.LIB to use it, though. Works with Novell networks.
NEWBAR.ZIP3129Jul 1 1989Clipper module to add "percent" completed bar to Clipper programs.
NFLIB20.ZIP193939Aug 15 1991Nanforum Toolkit Library for Clipper v2.0.
NFLIB21.ZIP207964Oct 13 1992Nantucket Forum Clipper library -- a "must have".
NFSRC21.ZIP329660Oct 20 1992Nanforum Toolkit 2.1, source code and make file.
NGBLINK.ZIP61462Mar 15 1990Norton guide for the Blinker linker.
NGNETLIB.ZIP52305Jul 4 1989Norton's Guides for NetLib.
NLOGO2.ZIP3109Aug 22 1989Nantucket logo to include in your Clipper apps.
NLROOT.ZIP42230Oct 26 1990Netlib Root Module for Blinker. Dynamically overlay Netlib.
NN0202.ZIP20812Dec 8 1987Source code for Nantucket News Vol. 2 No. 2.
NN0302.ZIP13800Sep 1 1988Source code for Nantucket News Vol. 3 No. 2.
NN0304.ZIP10276Jan 1 1989Source Code from Nantucket News Volume 3, Number 4.
NN0305.ZIP15784Mar 1 1989Source code for Nantucket News Vol. 3 No. 5.
NN0306.ZIP13703May 1 1989Source code for Nantucket News Vol. 3 No. 6.
NN0401.ZIP11895Jun 30 1989Nantucket NewVol 4 No. 1.
NN0402.ZIP7585Aug 28 1989Source Code from Nantucket News Volume 4, Number 2.
NN0505.ZIP17934Aug 26 1991Source Code from Nantucket News Volume 5, Number 5.
NN0506.ZIP14387Sep 20 1991Source Code from Nantucket News Volume 5 , Number 6.
NOSNOW.ZIP1545Jun 10 1988Set clipper snow without changing dos enviorment.
NOTES5.ZIP10363Oct 12 1989Notes from Compu$erve on the new Clipper 5.0 release.
NOVELL.ZIP2862Dec 29 1987Access Novell spool commands from Quick Silver.
NOVINS.ZIP6028Sep 17 1987Instruction to install DB3+ on Novell Network.
NOVLIB10.ZIP102770Dec 4 1989This library is a collection of Netware Function calls which allow some basic access to the bindery files through Clipper.
NSEND.ZIP3632Jul 20 1988Send MSG on NETWARE LAN, in clipper.
NTX.ZIP194899Apr 18 1989Complete cross-reference of database used inside .ntx files.
NTXMETER.ZIP3177Jul 26 1990This is a short UDF that puts up a moving meter bar on the screen as you perform an INDEX ON command.
OCLIP.ZIP17018Nov 25 1991Public domain Clipper functions for adding Object-Oriented capabilities to Clipper 5.0, similar to Class(y).
OFFICE.ZIP82283Sep 28 1987Complete collection of dBase programs from the book Managing With Dbase III by Michael Clifford.
ONERROR.ZIP3880Mar 6 1986Simple Dbase network error handler.
ONERROR2.ZIP10208Jun 14 1988Trap error conditions within dBase languages. Nicely done.
ONTHEFLY.ZIP2486Jan 13 1989Interactively create and modify database files while running Clipper.
ON_ERROR.ZIP6592Nov 8 1986Novell Dbase error routines.
OOPEXM.ZIP13805Jan 27 1992Experiment in object oriented Clipper with O:Clip. Compares three approaches to a small program.
OOPMENU.ZIP26505Feb 17 1992Class(y) Clipper 5.0 library. Implements an object-oriented pull-down menu system, and is provided with complete source code.
OVERCL.ZIP21972Mar 15 1989Create overlay files for your Clipper code. Saves memory space. DEMO.
PACKIT.ZIP15807Dec 11 1989Perform a dBase PACK on a database from DOS. Also, a .BIN file to signficantly speed up PACKing from within dBase.
PACKLOOK.ZIP7475Oct 29 1990Clipper 5.0 source code to examine ZIP, ARC, and LZH archive files.
PACK_IT.ZIP1586Nov 23 1990Clipper routine to safely remove deleted records from DBFs.
PAGES20.ZIP11322Jan 3 1988V2.0 of PAGES, a dBase III Plus procedure which your programs can call to provide full text file viewing capability.
PARTINDX.ZIP4218Sep 25 1989Text file outlining strategies for conditional indexing in Clipper.
PARTSDB3.ZIP26277Jun 9 1988Great invoice program for dbase III+.
PASCALCL.ZIP5756Aug 9 1988Pascal interface to Clipper S87 from Nantucket.
PASSWD.ZIP12685Apr 30 1988A complete passward program with source code for clipper/dBase.
PATCHCLP.ZIP45383Jul 27 1993PATCH.EXE for patching Clipper 5.2 from CA.
PC2LIB.ZIP48462Mar 15 1988GOOD assort. CLIPPER('87) routines - must register.
PCINV.ZIP287053Feb 12 1992Computer Inventory systems with built in browse and query functions. Written in Clipper, includes source code.
PD.ZIP161255Mar 16 1989Pocket Dot is an interactive Clipper command processor, or interpreter. It provides a 'dot prompt,' from which Clipper commands can be executed interactively. It also has the ability to interpret (execute) .PRG files.
PD1350.ZIP206698Sep 27 1990Pocket Dot V 1.3-5.0. An interactive dot prompt program for Clipper 5.0. Lets you test a fairly complete set of Clipper commands interactively.
PDMENUS.ZIP3285Sep 13 1987Example of Pull-Down menus. (WordTech).
PDM_105.ZIP41380Nov 2 1990Pull down Menu Development for Clipper.
PDVM2.ZIP34796Dec 22 1992A vertical menu engine for Clipper 5.x: provides a flexible and configurable menu engine, easy to use API. Many options, mouse support.
PER.ZIP8437Jul 12 1989Nice Clipper Backup/Restore function that includes source code.
PERSINV1.ZIP32386Feb 10 1990Personal Inventory System written in dBase III+. This system is designed to allow entry of your personal items, and report on them. Full dBase source code is included.
PGRAPH.ZIP4079Nov 18 1990Collection of "% complete" graphs for Clipper S87 and 5.0.
PHONE30.ZIP119615Jan 17 1988Excellent online Phone dbase system.
PHREAD.ZIP15439Jul 26 1991A functional replacement for ReadModal in Clipper. Supports mouse.
PICK10.ZIP114036Mar 16 1990FoxPro code that creates colorful pick lists for use in your programs.
PICKIT.ZIP11136Jan 4 1991Dbase picklist program file for Dbase III prgs.
PICKLIST.ZIP10979Jan 9 1991Create DBASE IV field selection popup with up to 3 fields rather than the standard 1 field.
PLOTME.ZIP5878Mar 7 1991A dbase routine to plot a bar chart from a database file.
POP.ZIP89422Sep 21 1988Routines to pop up PCX files in Clipper.
POPDBF40.ZIP149132Aug 26 1991PopDBF is a memory resident program that will give you "instant access" to all .DBF files from anywhere at the press of a hotkey.
POPPICK.ZIP45210Mar 9 1990PopPick5 provide dBase IV programmers a safe and convenient method of including popup pick lists within their applications.
POPPICK5.ZIP45218Mar 9 1990Create pop-up pick lists in Dbase IV. Includes full source code.
POPUP.ZIP21315Aug 30 1986Save dBase III screens, improved "Saverest".
PPUPD1.ZIP95811Oct 4 1991Protection plus for Clipper v1.2 to 1.3a.
PRE222_1.ZIP17929Mar 28 1989A preprocessor for Clipper programs.
PRE63.ZIP44589Aug 4 1989A very nice pre-processor for Clipper or other dBase languages.
PRECLIP.ZIP8882Oct 26 1988Preprocessor for Clipper.
PRINTE.ZIP4163Jan 6 1990.DBF file containing printer codes for several printers.
PRINTMAP.ZIP1426Jan 9 1988Print Plink86 Map.
PRNLBL.ZIP20390Aug 11 1988An excellent printer control unit written in Clipper for dBase or Clipper programers. Makes printer routines a breeze.
PRNSAY.ZIP64132Jan 1 1988Make report of DBIII database.
PRNTSAY.ZIP64132Jan 1 1988Allows the building of quick and dirty reports in dBase. You fill out the basic ideas, and this program generates the code.
PRO2ER.ZIP33425Oct 15 1991Force error handling in FoxPro 2.0.
PROCLIP2.ZIP48462Mar 15 1988The latest version of the Professional Clipper Library - version 2.0. This library is for Clipper - Summer '87.
PROEDIT.ZIP3014Jul 15 1991This program supplements the FoxPro editor by adding the ability to navigate directy via popup to various procedures and functions in your program files.
PROGEN32.ZIP13983Aug 16 1987Program generator for Dbase III.
PRTSETUP.ZIP183059Aug 24 1989Printer setup routines for Clipper applications.
PTOFSALE.ZIP50967Nov 9 1988Point of Sale system written in DBASE, with source code.
PUSHBU.ZIP19369May 21 1994Pushbutton class for Clipper 5 Class(y) users. Uses the Clipper Get system.
PWORD.ZIP5802Jul 2 1991FoxPro 2.0 routine to encrypt/decrypt passwords for inclusion in your apps.
QAD12.ZIP47939Jul 10 1988Utility to place delimiters in files for database formats.
QBASE121.ZIP123916Oct 1 1990Outstanding dBase, FoxBase+, etc. ".DBF" query program. Absolutely foolproof, interactive, on-line help. Anyone can generate complex database queries with QBASE.
QS-TC.ZIP1934Jul 24 1987Access Quick Silver from Turbo-C.
QSLIB1.ZIP19654Sep 13 1991Files & Library to compile QuickSilver programs with Clipper 5.0 and 5.01.
QS_UDFS.ZIP17353Mar 2 1989Various UDF's to use with Quick Silver.
QTBROW.ZIP223131Mar 22 1993Quick TBrowse allows you to design TBrowse on the screen and then generate the code. Relational databases supported.
QUERY.ZIP96733May 20 1988Add Query-by-example to Clipper.
QUEUE.ZIP8565Oct 2 1987Retrieve print queue info from Clipper.
RADIOB.ZIP8457Apr 2 1993Radio button in Clipper 5.2.
RANDNUMB.ZIP86874May 7 1989Clipper code to call the included C random number generator.
RANDOM.ZIP1458Jan 17 1989Db3 random # program.
RCMPLB.ZIP25268Sep 25 1993Clipper callable compress/decompress library. NOT compatable with PKZIP, but does a good job. $10/$15 registration fee. From Germany.
READNDX.ZIP7668Jan 18 1988Checks out dBase III ndx files, verifies that it is an index.
REG.ZIP75980Dec 8 1991Programs that will check your Clipper software for registration at runtime. This will allow you to give out fully working copies of your software, but which only will work if registered. Registration can be done via telep
REPOBJ.ZIP15930May 3 1994Report and column objects for use with Class(y) and Clipper 5.
REPVERT.ZIP14162Feb 11 1991Report.gen replacement for Dbase IV 1.1. Fixes several bugs.
RESETPRN.ZIP2027Mar 14 1990CLIPPER .OBJ file that will do a hardware printer reset. Must be linked with the rest of the program.
RLIB.ZIP123255Feb 18 1989Shareware UDF library for Clipper S87. Has some nice functions.
RODENT.ZIP5551Sep 7 1988Mouse asm for clipper.
ROSSITER.ZIP4507Dec 20 1990Thermometer used in FoxPro's compile. Source code + examples.
RPRUN.ZIP4134Dec 20 1993Procedures for using BandIT report writer with R&R rrunin.dbf file.
RPT52.ZIP83736Mar 11 1993This is a pretty good, linkable report writer for clipper 5.1/5.2. You are able to link it into your source. NO royalties. Shareware.
RRSTUF.ZIP3713Jan 6 1989Report Writer front end for Clipper users.
RRSTUFF.ZIP29342Aug 14 1990Printer database with supporting xbase routines in R&R report writer style.
RULER.ZIP5381Dec 18 1987On Screen Ruler in Clipper. Useful for screen design.
RWINDOW.ZIP11688Apr 25 1990C window routines for Clipper. They feature exploding boxes, true shadowing, etc. Full source is included.
RWINDOWS.ZIP11689Apr 25 1990Clipper screen management routines that use arrays to manage windows.
S50004.ZIP5372Nov 11 1990Clipper 5.0 Support Bulletin #4.
S87ANM06.ZIP10326Feb 24 1988Clipper Summer 87 anomaly list.
SAVEREST.ZIP3499Apr 30 1986Save and Restore program for dBase III+ save and restore screens.
SAY2FILE.ZIP8588May 16 1987Redirect @SAY to file.
SB110PRG.ZIP30558Nov 30 1987Source code for The Silver Bullet BBS. Written in CLIPPER.
SBBILL.ZIP40383Nov 24 1987Small Business Billing System written in dBase/Clipper.
SCANDIR.ZIP839Apr 23 1991Program file that allows programmers of clipper 5.2 to scan directories and store results into an array.
SCATTER.ZIP1911Feb 26 1988Like Fox+ scatter, only for whole DBF.
SCR2FRG.ZIP12619Mar 9 1990This program will convert dBase .SCR files to .FRG files, enabling the user to print Screen Forms with the REPORT FORM command.
SCRDEM.ZIP190838Jul 9 1990SCRIMAGE uses visual representations of user interface objects to help you generate sophisticated screens and menus in a variety of output formats (dbase III, FoxBase, Basic, etc).
SCROLLR2.ZIP5831Aug 23 1989Dbase program that will allow you to scroll through a data file. Full dBase source code is included.
SECURE.ZIP4901Apr 6 1987A security sub-system for dBase. Includes full source code.
SERIAL.ZIP4554May 11 1989Insert a serial number into you Clipper EXE.
SETWIN.ZIP5012Jun 30 1989Undocumented Clipper window function.
SF_XTRA.ZIP13755Sep 6 1990Extra functions to be used with Super Library 2.0 for Clipper. Has financial function for loans and a daily scheduling program.
SGEN2.ZIP36843Apr 30 1990Generate C or Dbase code from a screen you design. Demo version is limited to 10 fields.
SHELP2.ZIP85927Jul 6 1990Elaborate Help System Generator for Clipper.
SHELPV12.ZIP79495Jun 7 1990A very nice on-line help facility for Clipper with full source code.
SHOPPR2.ZIP102651Sep 29 1987Shopping list in clipper.
SHWERR.ZIP6749Jul 2 1992A Clipper 5 ErrorSys error handler. This function is not an error handler in itself. It shows all information about the error then calls the normal Clipper error handler.
SIX501.ZIP240755Mar 25 1993Version 1.1b of SIx driver for Clipper 5.01.
SIX52.ZIP243388Mar 25 1993Version 1.1b of SIx driver for Clipper 5.2.
SMG51.ZIP28746Aug 17 1988Update to Nice DBASE menu screen generator.
SNAP502.ZIP315600May 23 1992SNAP! version 5.0 makes documenting X-Base programs a snap. SNAP! is designed to produce technical documentation for an entire X-Base system.
SNDVIS.ZIP239254Oct 10 1993Add sound and graphics to your Clipper 5.x programs professionally and inexpensively. Fantastic library and demo program for sound blaster/clipper programmers.
SPEECH.ZIP13629Sep 2 1988Digitized speech for Clipper programs.
SPELCLIP.ZIP147031Oct 25 1990Spelling checker for Clipper.
SSDEMO.ZIP50977Nov 6 1991HardSoft is a library for the Clipper compiler. It is used together with Clipper and the Nantucket Toolbox II.
STAGE.ZIP359209May 20 1990Screen Design Tool and Application Generator for dBase IV.
STATBAR.ZIP1512Mar 30 1987dBase III Plus code that generates a status bar for use when performing multiple searches, or lengthy calculations to graphically illustrate program status to the user.
STATWIN.ZIP4908Aug 2 1993A status thermometer for Clipper 5.01 like the one in FOXPRO.
STEVE101.ZIP29073Jan 3 1991General purpose function library for Clipper 87.
STPWS101.ZIP101948Nov 1 1989STRIP_WS is a program to strip the formatting from a WordStar document. Includes Clipper Summer '87 source code.
STRALEY.ZIP140288Jun 16 1990Clipper source to Straley's Programming in Clipper.
STRALEY1.ZIP10986Apr 30 1988A Clipper news letter with some helpful reviews and hints.
SUBNTX50.ZIP63386Oct 1 1990Extract Elements from Clipper NTX index and create index.
SUB_SET.ZIP2134Jan 2 1990Allows definition of a data subset in Clipper without a filter.
SUPBUL.ZIP40407May 28 1992Clipper 5.01 Support bulletins from CAI/Clipper Forum.
SUPER160.ZIP141425Apr 27 1991SuperFunction Library is a collection of Clipper UDFs that, while simple to call from your programs, provide a high-level user interface with minimum of 'setup' or 'configuration'.
SUPERHLP.ZIP48793Aug 22 1990SuperHelp - A Clipper Help Library Code Generator.
SWAP.ZIP6443Jan 9 1989SWAP dBASE,Foxbase+ to disk for RUN command.
SWAPDEMO.ZIP7921Sep 27 1988Run large programs from within Clipper.
SWMODRSP.ZIP1135Jan 25 1990Clipper/Silvercom source code for setting up a Hayes modem. Must have Silvercom communication's library.
SYSDEF20.ZIP21370Jun 19 1990Insert this code in your DBASE IV program to allow user to select screen colors and printer drivers.
TBROWS.ZIP15688Oct 26 1990TBrowse examples for Clipper 5.0 from Nantucket. Excellent examples.
TEXLASER.ZIP58928Jun 1 1991Clipper library to print on HP Laserjet printers.
TICKLER.ZIP4234Oct 23 1986Appointment/event reminder, with dBase source code.
TIMERS01.ZIP14115Nov 20 1994Timers is a Windows FLL that gives Foxpro the ability to execute functions on a timer (every few seconds, minutes or hours). Demo version, uploaded by author.
TMCLIP.ZIP7936Mar 28 1989Keyboard and drive UDFs for Clipper S87.
TMKPDB3.ZIP33458Dec 5 1989DBase III source code procedures for Employee/Project time/expense and billing. A good foundation for customizing.
TN8902.ZIP30547Aug 5 1989Ashton Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for February 1989.
TN8903.ZIP38705Aug 5 1989Ashton Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for March 1989.
TN8904.ZIP42609Aug 5 1989Ashton Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for April 1989.
TN8908.ZIP38625Oct 28 1989DBASE IV Technical newsletter for Aug 89.
TN8910.ZIP17359Jan 3 1990Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for Oct 89. Useful information.
TN8911.ZIP19892Jan 3 1990Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for Nov 89. Useful information.
TN9001.ZIP27867Apr 26 1990Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for Jan 90. Useful information.
TN9002.ZIP26668Apr 26 1990Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for Feb 90. Useful information.
TN9003.ZIP33309Apr 26 1990Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for March 90. Useful information.
TN9004.ZIP23965Jul 13 1990Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for April 90. Useful information.
TN9005.ZIP28631Jul 13 1990Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for May 90. Useful information.
TN9006.ZIP22313Sep 9 1990Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for June 90. Useful information.
TN9007.ZIP32566Oct 24 1990Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for July 90. Useful information.
TN9008.ZIP25029Nov 19 1990Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for Aug 90. Useful information.
TN9009.ZIP31314Nov 21 1990Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for Sep 90. Useful information.
TN9010.ZIP35996Mar 5 1991Ashton Tate DBASE IV Tech notes for Oct 90.
TN9011.ZIP32438Mar 5 1991Ashton Tate DBASE IV Tech Notes for Nov 90.
TN9012.ZIP42038Mar 5 1991Ashton tate DBASE IV Tech Notes for Dec 90.
TN9101.ZIP39853Mar 5 1991Ashton Tate DBASE IV Tech Notes for Jan 91.
TN9102.ZIP33430Mar 11 1991Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for Feb 91. Useful information.
TN9103.ZIP25602Jul 16 1991Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for March 91. Useful information.
TN9104.ZIP32022Jul 16 1991Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for April 91. Useful information.
TN9105.ZIP27111Aug 13 1991Aston Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for May 91. Useful information.
TN9106.ZIP26832Dec 9 1991Ashton Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for June 1991.
TN9107.ZIP27289Dec 9 1991Ashton Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for July 1991.
TN9108.ZIP32875Dec 9 1991Ashton Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for August 1991.
TN9109.ZIP29164Mar 13 1992Ashton Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for September 1991.
TN9110.ZIP27557Mar 13 1992Ashton Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for October 1991.
TN9111.ZIP30248Mar 13 1992Ashton Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for November 1991.
TN9112.ZIP27668Mar 30 1992Ashton Tate dBase IV Tech Notes for December 1991.
TOOLKI.ZIP29002Jan 7 1991Assorted tools for Foxpro 2.5.
TPCVIDID.ZIP2336May 31 1991DBase .prg to determine what type of video card you're running with.
TREE1.ZIP2987Aug 15 1990Clipper documented source for getting a complete directory tree.
TRL4CL.ZIP334399Oct 22 1990Tom Rettig's Library for Clipper S'87 and 5.0. Now placed in public domain.
TRL4DB.ZIP240431Nov 2 1990Tom Rettig's famous library for DBASE IV. Now Public Domain.
TRUSHADE.ZIP2059Jun 28 1989Clipper shadow box routine.
TRU_SHDW.ZIP868Mar 14 1989Another shadowing UDF for Clipper.
TUNE31PC.ZIP25057Aug 1 1985Fine tune dBASE progs for quicker program runs.
TURBBS-1.ZIP265461Mar 2 1989A simple BBS in Clipper 1 of 3.
TURBBS-2.ZIP114412Mar 2 1989A simple BBS in Clipper 2 of 3.
TURBBS-3.ZIP9466Oct 7 1988A simple BBS in Clipper 3 of 3.
TWB-MAIL.ZIP30918Oct 23 1987Mail merge/label/sort, etc. for DBASE III+.
TX070191.ZIP134174Jul 1 1991Texas Associated Software's Laser Printer Library for Clipper Summer '87 and 5.0 - Libraries and demo program included. Shareware.
TXT.ZIP2523Mar 26 1989Large font text for Clipper.
UDFLIB1C.ZIP14113Mar 4 1991Various Clipper 5.0 User Defined Functions. Includes numeric operations, menu routines, and screen functions.
UDFS.ZIP16352May 12 1989Various Clipper user defined functions.
UDFS1.ZIP20625Jun 18 1987Misc Clipper UDF's.
UDF_IN_C.ZIP2935Jan 5 1988Write UDF's in C for Quick SIlver.
UI2_NG.ZIP61227Jul 6 1988Norton Guide for UI's Clipper extensions.
UI_CLP56.ZIP125655Jan 11 1990Version 5.6 of UI2 extensions for Clipper (Both A'86 and S'87).
UTI.ZIP24161Jul 9 1987Various tools for dBASE programming.
VAL_NAME.ZIP1348Oct 15 1989dBase source code that checks for valid DOS Filename, and if it exists.
VCRFILE1.ZIP15470Jan 9 1987DBASE III/III+ VCR Filing System, Release 1.0 - by uploader, POSTMAN.
VIEWAR.ZIP1941Jan 21 1992FoxPro 2.0 utility to view the contents of an array. Better than DISP MEMO.
VOICE200.ZIP42696Nov 1 1990Add voice output to Clipper programs. Libraries included.
VSIX711.ZIP153014Apr 19 1991A comprehensive library package for Clipper 5.0 and '87 Clipper.
VWINDOW.ZIP12063Jan 21 1991A Clipper 5.0 window library. Many screen functions.
V_VIDLIB.ZIP103040Mar 8 1989This is a Clipper library of screen functions. Includes source.
WA1YTWDB.ZIP27427Feb 26 1990HAM radio data base. Simple, yet provides full dBase source code.
WDBFPO2.ZIP6493Aug 12 1987Attach DBIII DBF Name to Index files.
WEDIT.ZIP70518Jun 24 1987This is the Wordtech's DBXL editor. From the Wordtech BBS.
WEEKS.ZIP946May 18 1990DBase routine for calculating business days between two dates.
WESTUDF.ZIP2477Jul 12 1987Misc. Clipper User-definable functions.
WIERDGET.ZIP6392Feb 11 1991Interesting example of the new Clipper 5.0 GetSys command.
WINDEM.ZIP13782Jul 14 1991FoxPro 2.0 programs demonstrating various methods of opening & closing windows, i.e., up/down like curtains, zoom in/out, etc.
WINDOWS.ZIP33282May 1 1988Some windowing udf's for clipper. nice...
WNWOAN.ZIP16053Apr 27 1987Window Maker for Dbase III.
WORDWRAP.ZIP8685Feb 24 1987DBASE.prg file to wrap text in any field.
WPMERGE.ZIP16930Jan 30 1987Dbase III to WordPerfect secondary mailmerge format.
XCOUNT.ZIP6960Dec 7 1989A dBASE III+ program that produces counts of the number of records having unique entries in a field or combination of fields. Includes source.
XFORM20.ZIP41746Oct 31 1990XFORM - Dbase III+ and Compatible Report Form, Label Form, and Database file converter.
XREF-BY.ZIP23344Oct 7 1987DBase III + source code cross reference program. Gets the job done.
YST3.ZIP4000Apr 1 1991YST3 is a UDF, for use with Foxpro, that enables the user to send faxes from applications.
ZERRSYS.ZIP1827Sep 16 1989New Error handling system for Clipper. PRG file included.
ZOOMBOX.ZIP7140Aug 20 1988Clipper Zooming Box Utility (Assembly Source).