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Dbase picklist program file for Dbase III prgs.
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Dbase picklist program file for Dbase III prgs.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CURSOFF.COM 18 18 stored
CURSON.COM 18 18 stored
PICKDEMO.PRG 1462 619 deflated
PICKIT.PRG 4142 1408 deflated
RDMAP.DBF 2971 713 deflated
RDMAP.NDX 3072 895 deflated
README 1210 653 deflated
SCRLDEMO.PRG 5885 1526 deflated
SCRLTEXT.DBF 3954 902 deflated
SCRLTEXT.TXT 1328 773 deflated
SCROLL.BIN 454 445 deflated
SCROLL.PRG 2203 760 deflated
SCROLL2.PRG 1921 753 deflated

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Contents of the README file

To run a demo of pick list in dB3+ or dB4, . Pickdemo
makes use of Russell Freeland's Scroll.bin (obeisances Effendi). Scroll.bin
appears to work equally well with dB4 or dB3+ (for me anyway). If you keep
scroll.bin, please pay Russell for his fine work. To get any speed out of
pickdemo.prg in dB3+ you really should compile it with DBC.

I use a scrolling picklist as the main user interface with my folks
(none of whom are typists). I despise the dB4 pop-up picklists because they
will only show one field, and they aren't particularly flexible, whereas
pickdemo does what you tell it. (Just change the code and go.) The only
other way I know of to get a flexibly scrolling pick list is to use the dB4
Browse function, stuffing the keyboard with command keys when the user types
something like 'S' to search, or 'F' to find. Pickdemo allows the user to
either hit a Navigation key, an Escape, and Enter, or to type as much as
they want of a Search key, assuming your database is indexed.

Questions may be directed to 'Coder' care of Ashton-Tate BBS. Use pickit
and pickdemo with my blessing.

Ken IsBell

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