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Clipper module to add "percent" completed bar to Clipper programs.
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Clipper module to add “percent” completed bar to Clipper programs.
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Contents of the README file

The original "BAR" code was uploaded to Compuserve by Jon Wind.
It was written to work with dBASE III and display a percentage of
the bar depending on the value of a variable passed. The code
used procedures and public variables.

I spent some time revising the code as UDFs for Clipper and to
show percentage complete while indexing. The basic BAR is still
the same but there is an additional function called BAR_PCT.

The example program, BAR, will display a simple bar if no command
line paramters are given. If you want to see it actually work on
a database file then: BAR
A temporary index, BARTEST, will be created and erased at the end
of execution.

I did notice a degredation in speed by using the BAR functions
while indexing. (The more records indexed, the slower the speed.)
That is why the example program indexes the database twice; once
without BAR and then using BAR. The index times are displayed in
order to help you determine if BAR is too slow for your needs.

The BAR_PCT function could actually be used to duplicate the old
dBASE "xx% indexed" message. All BAR_PCT returns is the
percentage of records completed. You could write a UDF to show
STR(BAR_PCT(),3)+"% indexed" instead of showing the BAR.
Whatever style you like ...

I hope you find this code useful. I personally use the BAR
functions to show the percentage of reports completed. It gives
the user a better idea of how long to wait. 😉

John Wright 72377,1770

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