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Clipper v5.01a update from NFORUM.
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Clipper v5.01a update from NFORUM.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

CA-Clipper 5.01a UPDATE

Welcome to CA-Clipper 5.01a!

Here are the steps to take to upgrade CA-Clipper 5.01a.

1. Make a backup copy of your CA-Clipper 5.01 sub directories and files:
and all sub directories

2. Executing the file C501A.EXE provides the following files:

README.1ST - The file you are currently reading

501A.EXE - Deltafile with CA-Clipper 5.01a changes

C501A.NG - Norton Guide update summary

When the 501A.EXE is executed it creates a backup copy of each target
file before updating it. These backup files are readily identified
by the "$" in the file extension (CLIPPER.EXE becomes CLIPPER.EX$).

It is important to understand that this Deltafile patch will only work
on unmodified Clipper 5.01 files. If you have modified any of the
CA-Clipper 5.01 files, copy your changes to a safe place and restore
the original files before running the Deltafile. If you continue to
have problems you may need to re-install CA-Clipper from your original

Another potential source of trouble is a CA-Clipper system that was
installed without the sample programs (such as RL or DBU). If you
installed CA-Clipper 5.01 and did not choose the full installation,
you will need to re-install the full system before the Deltafile will
recognize your system as correct.

3. Perform the following steps to update your CA-Clipper 5.01 to 5.01a.

a. Copy 501A.EXE to your \CLIPPER5 sub directory and execute it. The
Deltafile verifies the appropriate files, and updates them to the
new versions.

b. If you have changed the directory where CA-Clipper 5.01 resides, be
sure to change the environment variables (LIB, INCLUDE, PLL, etc.)
to the new directories.

c. Copy the C501A.NG to your \NG directory.

d. Re-create your .PLL and .PLT files by re-linking the BASE50.RMK
file. This completes the installation of 5.01a.


The file C501A.NG contains the release notes for the CA-Clipper 5.01a
update. Be sure to read the release notes to familiarize yourself with the
changes in this release.

The guide contains a change summary consisting of Runtime errors and the
Release note #3.

Change Summary - Runtime Errors. Here you will find an explanation of new
runtime errors added to the system.

Change Summary - Release Note #3. This release note describes new or
changed items in CA-Clipper 5.01a.


In addition to the new and changed items in this release, many items have
been fixed to perform as documented. These bug fixes include instances of
the internal error 5333.

1. Internal errors should not occur under normal conditions. These errors
indicate that the system has failed an internal integrity check for some
unidentifiable reason. This can be caused either by a conflict with
another piece of software (whether it is a TSR, device driver, third-
party library or utility) or because of a bug internal to CA-Clipper.

Internal errors always have the same format:
() Internal error xxxx

Note that there is no message text for an internal error.

If you encounter an internal error:

a. Determine, if possible, whether the source of the error is a conflict
with other software products. Remove any unnecessary TSRs and device
drivers, link with .RTLink for CA-Clipper and remove any third-party
libraries that you can.

b. Regardless of the source of the problem contact Computer Associates
Technical Support to report the error. If it is a conflict with
another product, this will give Computer Associates a chance to work
with that vendor to remove the incompatibility. If it is not a
conflict, any information you can provide Computer Associates is
helpful in tracking down and correcting the bug. Also, it is
possible that there is a work around for the particular internal
error you are receiving.

2. Internal error 5333

This error is caused by a misuse of the virtual memory system by either
an internal or external (third party) subsystem.

This release contains corrections to the internal subsystems that were
generating 5333 errors. Because of this, 5333 errors in CA-Clipper
5.01a are more likely to be generated by external (3rd party) subsystems
than by internal CA-Clipper subsystems.

If you should happen to get an internal error 5333, follow the steps
outlined above.


501A.EXE doesn't update the system.

Make sure that all the files in the system are unmodified, and that the
system is complete. The best way to guarantee this is to back-up your
current CA-Clipper system and reinstall CA-Clipper 5.01 from the
original diskettes.

If you continue to have problems contact Computer Associates Technical

The new version produces linker errors, or the application it generated
hangs on execution.

If you are using a .PLL when linking, rebuild the .PLL using the new
BASE50.RMK. If you have set an RTLINKCMD environment variable, be sure
to remove it while linking the new PLL. Also be sure that all the
necessary environment variables (LIB, INCLUDE, PLL, ...) refer to the
correct Clipper 5.01a subdirectories.

Linking in different database or terminal drivers causes linker errors.

Follow the link line examples below.

5.01a & NDX

5.01a & NTXC

5.01a & NovTerm
RTlink Fi , GT Lib NOVTERM,

5.01a & NovTerm & NTXC

5.01a & NovTerm & NDX

5.01a & NovTerm & NDX & NTXC

ANSI, PCBIOS and NOVTERM must use the GT.OBJ that was shipped with the
driver. Since all of these replacement terminal systems use the same
GT.OBJ, they can all be linked as shown above. Simply replace the word
NOVTERM with ANSI or PCBIOS as appropriate.

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