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Norton Guide for Blinker 2.01.
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Norton Guide for Blinker 2.01.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

READ.ME BLINKER 2.01 NG patch 92.07.24
------- --------------------- --------

This update patches the Blinker 2.0 Norton Guide file to version 2.01.

The following files make up the upgrade.

READ.ME - This documentation file
PATCHNG.BAT Batch file tp apply the patch(es)
BL201NGA.EXE Patch file 1
BL201NGB.EXE Patch file 2

Copy these files and the Blinker 2.0 Norton guide (BLINKER.NG) into a
temporary directory.

Updating the Norton Guide

In order to update the guide, BLINKER.NG must be in the current
directory. To update the guide type:


PATCHNG.BAT will execute two patch programs to update your Norton
Guide. In most cases, only the second of the patch programs will
actually be required, so you can safely ignore any error messages from
the first program.

Once you have determined the patch has been applied correctly, copy
the new Norton Guide file into your Blinker directory. You may then
delete the following files:


This update was prepared using FPATCH, a utility program supplied with
the FUNCky II library from dLESKO Inc.

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