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Spelling checker for Clipper.
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Spelling checker for Clipper.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

ClipWord / SpellClip

ClipWord / SpellClip are products developed and owned by Action
Plus Software - 11485 South High Mountain Drive - Sale Lake City,
UT 84092-5675 (801)572-3303

ClipWord is a full featured word processor designed to be
integrated into Clipper applications. SpellClip is a spelling
checker that works in conjunction with ClipWord.

These programs are included on this disk in a self-unarching .EXE
file called SPELLCLP.EXE. Simply copy the SPELLCLP.EXE file to
your working directory and type SPELLCLP [Enter] to un-archive
the files.

File Descriptions:

COMPILE BAT Program to compile the sample program as a
standalone application that will demonstrate to
you how to integrate the program into your

SAMPLE PRG Sample program that demonstrates how the program
works and how to integrate it into your

SPELLCLP PRG The ClipWord and SpellClip programs.

DICT DBF The Spelling Checker Dictionary database file.

MAKEDICT EXE A standalone program that allows you to "feed" any
text file into it to parse out all the new words
from your documents to add to the dictionary file.
It is recommended that you append the existing
DICT.DBF into the MDICT.DBF before running the
program. MAKEDICT.EXE will add additional unique
words to the MDICT.DBF dictionary file. You can
then rename or copy the MDICT.DBF to DICT.DBF
after adding new words that may be unique to a
particular industry.

You will find that for normal business
correspondence the existing DICT.DBF will provide
you with a very high "hit rate". If you desire to
add additional words from industry specific ascii
text files to your dictionary the MDICT.EXE
routine will come in handy.

MDICT DBF The temporary dictionary file used ONLY by


Purchasers of ClipWord / SpellClip are authorized to integrade
SPELLCLP.PRG into their own compiled Clipper applications or
programs. Purchasers are NOT authorized to give SPELLCLP.PRG,
SAMPLE.PRG or any of the associated files included on the
ClipWord / SpellClip diskette (EXCEPT DICT.DBF) to any other
individual or company in an UNCOMPILED FORM.

Purchasers must include the copyright notice at the beginning of
SPELLCLP.PRG in the compiled programs where it is used. SPELLCLP.PRG
may be modified in any way by the purchaser and distributed in compiled
Clipper programs royalty free.

We hope that you find ClipWord / SpellClip to be a powerful addition to
your programming bag of tricks.

Action Plus Software also sells ZipClip which includes all 46,000 Zip
Codes for all American cities along with a program that will permit you
to enter just the Zip Code when entering addresses in your Clipper /
dBASE III+ / or FoxPlus programs and the program automatically fills
in the CITY and STATE for you. Price $99.95

We also distribute Action Plus - The Personal Contact Information Manager.
Action Plus is a flexible Personal Information Manager, Time Manager, and
Sales Management program. It is powerful and easy to use. It includes
Contact Management, Word Processing, Invoicing, Quotes, Sales Orders,
Statements, Sales Performance Charts, PCX Graphic Image support, Speed-
Dialing, and Business Expense Tracking. Inventory and Goals & Project
planning are also included. Single-User $495.00 Network Server $1495.

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