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Menu Maker is a set of FoxBase programs and data files which provide an organized method for creating the user interface for any custom system.
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Menu Maker is a set of FoxBase programs and data files which provide an organized method for creating the user interface for any custom system.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Upgrading to New Version 1.10

The changes in version 1.10 address some important technical
issues. These are mainly internal changes and will not affect the
way your system functions. It will only be necessary to replace
your program files. Databases, indices, and memory files need not
be altered with ONE EXCEPTION. MENUPARS.DBF has one new field:


This field must be the last field in the file. You can either add
this field to your existing file, or copy the file from the new

---> Copy all of the new program files into your system.

Before running the system, you must reinitialize the system. Every
variable name has been changed! The variables stored in the .MEM
files must be updated. You can tell MENU MAKER to reinitialize
these variables by making the following two changes to the data

1> Change the CHANGED field in MENUPARS.DBF to .T.
2> Change the CHANGED field in the first record in MENUS.DBF to

The next time you start the system the variables will be

What are the Changes?

The upgrade addresses two significant issues:

There is a new option to turn off the clock. Turning the clock off
(set Show Time? to N on the Menu Parameters screen) causes MM not
to read keystrokes by inkey() in a continuous loop. The clock
should be set off if you are running the system on a nondedicated
file server. Continuous looping on a nondedicated file server can
slow the entire system down to a crawl.

All variable names have been changed so that they have common
prefixes and MM can save them to disk discriminately with a mask.
Before this change MM system variables were getting confused with
user defined variables. The names of system parameter variables
all start with PM*. Menu variables all start with MV*. You may
want to avoid defining your own variables with these prefixes.
Conflict will only occur if four conditions are satisfied:

1> Variables that start with PM* or MV*.
2> These variables are saved to .MEM files
3> These .MEM files are restored to memory in ENVIRON.PRG
4> These variables are changed and saved to their .MEM files
by functions within the system (i.e. not at the dot).

The above are the main changes. Some other small bugs have also
been addressed in the new version.

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