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FORCE Compiler DEMO and Information.
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FORCE Compiler DEMO and Information.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CONTENTS.LST 4427 1629 deflated
FGREP.EXE 6084 2868 deflated
FGREP.PRG 4966 1490 deflated
READ.ME 832 440 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

The three files included are as follows:

CONTENTS.LST - contains a list of programs and files supplied with the
FORCE compiler.

FGREP.PRG - source for sample program supplied with FORCE

FGREP.EXE - compiled version of FGREP.PRG

These files are provided to give the interested purchaser a chance to
see some of what is included and the results of using the compiler for
small utility programs. FGREP.PRG compiled and linked in 6 seconds on
a Wyse 386 using MS-DOS Link 3.51.

Two manuals are also supplied with the program:

- language reference guide (describes syntax and structure of programs)

- functions and commands guide (describes all functions and
commands supported by FORCE)

All preliminary testing shows the resulting programs to be extremely

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