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Upgrade to Dbrowse with many new featurestC.
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Upgrade to Dbrowse with many new featurestC.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Date : 10/8/90

This is version 2.0 of dBrowse, a few major changes have been made since
the release of version 1.1.

Additions to Version 1.1 :

1. The entire help system has been re-written. I was not happy
with the other version so I took some time an re-wrote it.

2. Memo file support has been added to both the registered and
shareware versions.

3. The record length for both the registered and shareware
versions has been increased to the full dBase III 4000 character
or 128 fields.

4. The F5 display header information function was added.

Additions to Version 2.0 :

1. Full buffering of database file. Now there is no limit on the
size of the DBF file used.

2. The export function has been expanded to include writing to
another dBase compatible DBF file.

3. The Find feature has been expanded to include :
A - Blank records
B - Full and partial searches
C - Compare function expanded to 10 types!

4. File select (directory window) cleaned up and enhanced.

5. Matching records (from Find) are no longer "tagged". Now only
those records are shown after a successful find. This cleaned up
the display and made exporting much easier.

6. A menu system (using the F10 key) has been added for non-mouse
users. Also, a menu bar has been added to show you the key commands
and allow direct mouse operation of all functions.

7. Registered users of dBrowse recieve a registered copy of dBSort
(mentioned below) with their order (normally $20.00). So, when you
order dBrowse you'll also get dBSort free!

To print the manual simply enter :


The disk manual has minimal formatting, but will be properly formatted
and paged.

Many of the registered users of dBrowse have asked for an easy to use sort
program. Well, I have written a flexible command line or point and shoot
dBase III/IV file sorter.

The program dBSort will allow you to select up to 10 fields to sort on.
These can be entered from the command line or by using the point and shoot
menu system. The direction of the sort is also controllable (ascending or
decending) from the command line or the menu system.

One of the problems with sorting dBase DBF files is dealing with numeric
fields ( or character fields with all numbers). All of the sorters I looked
at for references (even dBase) would not sort numeric values properly! As
an example :


would be sorted as :


when the sort order should be :


well, if the user had padded the values correctly for each field correctly
then the values would have been sorted correctly! Now, this should not be
something the user needs to worry about so dBSort takes care of this, as
the records are sorted the are internally padded for the correct
positions. This function is only for the sort, the values are not changed
in the DBF file!

dBSort examines the task to be done and sorts in memory or to a disk file
as needed. If there is enough interest I will also add EMS buffering.

Finally, if you know how to use the dBase sort (it can be tricky) then you
can use dBSort!

Anyway, dBSort will be sold seperatly for $19.95, but anyone who buys
dBrowse will receive it free! If you are interested in just dBSort you can
order the Shareware version by sending $5.00 to TOADWare Software Systems.

Richard A. Nichols
TOADWare Software Systems

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