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Optimize your DBASE code.
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Optimize your DBASE code.
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Contents of the DBSCRNCH.DOC file

Dbscrnc i compile BASI progra tha make us o
th Microsoft Library of routines. This primitive version reads a dBASEII program (PRG)
file and removes leading blanks from each line and removes comments. (assuming
the commented lines first non-blank character is an *)

The resulting file will be interpreted in less time (the program will
run faster) and will take up less room on your disk drive (you'll have more
room for the database) The program will look out for continuation lines that
have a semi-colon in them but won't handle dBASEIII files that use the auto-
matic line continuation. The program also looks out for TEXT and ENDTEXT and
will not scrunch lines in a text block.

An easy way to use this program is to copy the documented version of
your programs onto a backup diskette, rename the *.prg files to *.doc
and then run dbscrnch on each program with the first filename asked for being
example.doc and the output file being named example.prg. When done you can
erase the documented files (don't erase your backups, these are the files
you will modify if any changes are needed to your program in the future.) and
run your programs off the new *.prg files.

My experience has been that savings of 65% are possible on disk storage
and 35% increases in speed are possible. If you like this program and would
like an even better one, (one that replaces commands with their contractions
and removes internal blank spaces) send $10 :


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