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Useful User Defined Functions for CLIPPER.
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Useful User Defined Functions for CLIPPER.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CENTER.PRG 512 287 deflated
CLR.PRG 1408 670 deflated
DAYWORD.PRG 768 401 deflated
EXPAND.PRG 768 387 deflated
FIRSTCAP.PRG 15232 4666 deflated
FLOAT_$.PRG 3968 1183 deflated
LAST_FLD.PRG 1408 554 deflated
LTRIM.PRG 512 301 deflated
RAND.PRG 512 307 deflated
README 221 174 deflated
SCI.PRG 896 390 deflated

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Contents of the README file

This archive contains source code/ information obtained from the Nantucket
Private Network on The Source.
Would be interested in hearing from Clipper users who might read this.
Larry A. Ostgaard (Plantz BBS - ID1721)

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