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Various network functions for Clipper written in C.
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Various network functions for Clipper written in C.
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Contents of the NETFN.DOC file

July 12, 1987


These routines add a level of sophistication to networked programs, allowing
you to check the network status, change printer or drive redirection, or
obtain the network name of current redirection.

You can also modify the default RETRY parameters used by DOS to determine
how long DOS should attempt retries before telling you that a record is

These routines have only been tested & used on 3Coms 3+ Local Area Network,
but should work on any 100% NETBIOS compatible network.

We know, for example, that as of the last release of Waterloo PORT, that
NETUP(), DRIVSTAT(), and DEVICEN() worked, but that the other functions

Be very careful with any functions that change current redirections. Used
incorrectly, you can cause a workstation to hang.

Have fun!

Send any questions, comments, or ideas for new/improved functions
to NA2642 (on The Source).

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