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QEdit macro for dBXL/Quicksilver (also Fox/dBASE).
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QEdit macro for dBXL/Quicksilver (also Fox/dBASE).
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Contents of the DBXLMAC.DOC file


Here are some macros that I wrote for Qedit/dBXL. Qedit is a
great editor that WILL run in dBXL. I use these macros during program
development. They should work OK with Qedit 2.06C and 2.07

You can leave me messages on dBase Conf--EasyLink/Qmail

You must either: configure Qedit to load this program -OR-
call via Macro Read

I load this with ^D like so:
[^d MacroBegin MainMenu "MR" "C:\DBXL\DBXL.MAC" Return]

With some editing, they will also work with dBase 3+ (delete the
Window & Function macros). Don't know dBase 4 language vis-a-vis
windows and functions.

They are:

ALT+1: Enters a DO CASE/ENDCASE block. There are 3 Case
statements presented. Cursor returns to comment line so you can enter
what it's all about.

ALT+2: Enters a DO WHILE/ENDDO block. Cursor returns to comment

ALT+3: Enters an IF/ELSE/ENDIF block. Cursor returns to comment

ALT+4: Enters a SAY/GET/READ block. Cursor returns to space
before GET so you can enter screen coordinates. Includes the RANGE
statement as well.

ALT+5: Enters a HEADER block that looks like this:

*created Mon 01-02-1989


The cursor will return to the `prg' line ready for you to enter
the program name. The current date should appear on the `created' line
if your system date is set. Qedit has capability to enter current date
in files. I modified my Qconfig.DAT file so ALT+D enters current date
at cursor position. I use that on `modified' line. Position cursor at
Row (Line) 1/Col 1 before entering. You can modify this macro to have it
put your name in automatically.

ALT+6 Enters an INITIALIZATION BLOCK that looks like this:


Again, you can modify this. Cursor is positioned two lines down
and at Col 1 when done.

ALT+7 & ALT+8 Enter a FUNCTION or PROCEDURE block. Cursor
returns to comment line.

ALT+9 Enters a WINDOW block. Cursor returns to comment line.
This block contains reference to empty WFIL (Windows File). If you
don't use them, delete line; or modify mac source file. It also
defaults to Window Area 1.

I hope that you find these macros useful. I have sent them to
Sammy Mitchell (author), along with some enhancement requests (like a
macro pause; autoload macro files; vertically split window; and some
other items). He reponds well to this type of response. D/L
QEDIT207.ARC from your local board and use/register! It's a very fast
editor and you can reconfigure the keyboard to your liking (I did an
almost complete re-write of the function keys).

Thomas Rednour

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