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Clipper Compiler assistant. Recompiles only those files that have changes and need to be recompiled.
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Clipper Compiler assistant. Recompiles only those files that have changes and need to be recompiled.
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Author: Beta & final revision:
Stephen Pavlik Tom Wyrick
PC Applications, Inc. InfoSys
1590 Woods Rd. 9800 D Topanga Cyn Blvd
Suite K Suite 211
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Chatsworth, CA 91311

LAST UPDATE : 12/07/87 09:52 pm

PURPOSE: To reduce development time by compiling only those
programs which have been modified.

OPERATION: CCA determines which files need to be compiled by
comparing the date and time of the object file with the
matching program file from the DOS directory. If the program
file is newer than the object file, CCA will compile the
program file to produce a new object file. Compiling will
take place if no object file is found for a program file.
The program uses the -m option of Clipper, which will not
compile programs called by the program name passed to the
compiler. CCA will create as many object files as program
files that you have, so you will need to make sure you link
them all in. When you are 'finished' developing, debugging,
enhancing you may want to use Clipper in the normal way to
compile all programs into one object file (if your
application does not need overlays). This should make a
somewhat smaller executable file.


1. If you are capable of making a change to a program file
within the same minute as the last compile, CCA will not
catch it. If you are having difficulty with that, you have
two choices; take a more relaxed attitude toward programming
(a yawn and/or a stretch may be required), or send a great
many requests for me to change it (commendation and/or
remuneration would help).

2. Only programs which have a '.prg' file extension will be


1. Type 'CCA' from the DOS prompt, or include in your
compiler batch file. The program will do the rest. CCA will
beep when finished compiling all needed programs.

2. CCA may be put in a directory for which a DOS PATH has
been set. CCA will compile the programs from the current


Version 1.0: 10/04/87 Released for Beta testing.

Version 1.1: 10/25/87 Changes made to clear the screen of
messages not valid any longer. Counts program files found,
and compiled. Fix bug which kept CCA from compiling programs
if the object file was last created in the AM and the program
file was time stamped in the PM.

Version 1.2: 11/08/87 Fixed the AM/PM bug for good.

Version 1.3: 12/07/87 Really fixed the AM/PM bug for good


1. Ask for the linker of your preference and send the list
of object files and any options the specified linker may want.
If you are using anything but Tlink which comes with Turbo
C, you'll be sorry - it is about 10 times faster than anyone


I don't think that anyone makes any money from Shareware, but
if you are determined to prove me wrong, and if CCA helps
you, (especially if it helps YOU make money), then send what
you think it is worth. If your payment is greater than the
cost of a diskette and postal costs, you will be eligible for
the next release.

Send your name, address, phone, and where you found CCA. If
you have any recommendations for improvements or notice
anything 'funny', leave a message on dBORED at 818-367-3359.


Please don't sell it to others. My estimate of the human
race is low enough already.

If you give it to someone else, please include this file with


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