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Enhanced laser output for Clipper applications, with full source code.
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Enhanced laser output for Clipper applications, with full source code.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


I recently purchased a new HP LaserJet IIP printer to replace my
tried and true NEC P5 24 pin printer. I thought I would have a need
to keep both connected for a while since I had several programs
I've written that are tuned for the NEC (invoicing, etc.)

Once I started using the IIP for just about everything else, I
decided it was time to make changes to my invoicing program (I have
a part-time computer consulting business). Since the IIP can do
lots of fancy things like fill areas with grey scale, draw lines,
draw patterns, etc., I thought I'd take advantage of these features
in my invoicing program (it's written in Clipper).

I could find nothing on Compuserve for 'libraries' of routines to
use the Laserjet features. So, I thought I'd write my own. It took
me a couple of evenings to design, code and test them. It was time
well spent. My invoices went up 1000% in "professional" appearance
from what they used to look like.

These routines I wrote (which are in Clipper, of course) do simple
things like draw boxes, fill rectangular areas, draw lines, etc.
They can be combined into more powerful tools with minimal effort.
In fact, my 'box' routine calls the 'line' routine which in turn
calls the 'area fill' routine. (Actually the only non-raster
graphic function in the Laserjet is an area fill. By filling a
long, narrow area you create a 'line'.)

These routines are fairly well tested. My invoice program uses them
extensively and ferreted out a couple of bugs. The documentation
is all in the program itself (LASER.PRG). These are PUBLIC DOMAIN
routines - don't send me any money, don't call me for support and
feel free to use them any way you want except don't sell them (at
least without giving me a cut!). I don't care how you use them, I
just hope you find them useful.

The program DEMO.PRG lets you play around with the functions in
LASER.PRG. With this you can draw lines, boxes, etc., and see what
they look like without having to write a program to test them.

Have fun with these!

Kevin Talbot
KJT enterprises
7632 SE 37th Place
Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 236-1060
Compuserve: 75706,316

Files in the archive:

File Name Description
--------- -------------------------------------------
DEMO.PRG Utility to exercise the various functions.
LASER.PRG The functions themselves (all 8 of them)
READ.ME Take a guess.
INVOICE.PRN A 'print file' of a sample invoice from my invoice
program. Just 'copy' it to your LaserJet to see what
can be done. Note: it expects a 14 pt. Bold
Helvetica font in the printer. If it isn't there,
what appears to be black blobs will print in a
couple of places. Just ignore that anomaly.

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