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Inteligent Dialer To Include w/Clipper Applications.
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Inteligent Dialer To Include w/Clipper Applications.
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Download File CLIPDIAL.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

This is the first released version of my Clipdial intelligent dialer.
It takes as an argument a complete 10-digit phone number in the format
(999) 999-9999. From this number Clipdial extracts the area code
and exchange information and uses this to determine whether the number
is local or long distance. For a local call, Clipdial strips off the
area code information and dials the 7-digit local number. For a long
distance number, Clipdial prefixes the number with "1-", and then dials the
complete long distance number. Simple modifications would also allow
the program to alert the user if a requested call will be long distance.

Clipdial was developed and tested on a PCs Limited 286 computer with a
Packard-Bell 1200+ external modem. It performs the initialization of
the PC serial port (which many dialers don't do) and also provides a
function call for checking the Data Set Ready line to determine rather or
not the modem is available (i.e. on). Clipdial should work with any PC
compatible and Hayes-compatible modem.

This copy of Clipdial is currently configured for the metro Washington
D.C. area. However, it is easy to reconfigure for any other area of
the country. Directions for doing this are in the comments in

To conserve space and download time, I have not included an executable
version of the demo program (Clipdial.prg). However, a make file
(for Microsoft's Make utility) which will produce an executable demo
from the included source and object files has been included. MAKE
CLIPDIAL will generate the simple Clipdial demo.

I hope to eventually make this package the basis of a much more complete
set of serial communications utilities for Clipper. Your questions,
comments, and suggestions are encouraged. Messages for me may be left
on Compuserve (71121,352) or on the Contech (301-840-0227), Kwibble
(703-243-4820), or Tech-Connect (703-430-0091) boards (all D.C. metro).

For support, comments, questions or whatever, contact :

Glendon Todd
312 Van Buren St.
Falls Church, VA 22046
Compuserve 71121,352
Voice (703) 532-8191



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