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Clipper Summer '87 Browse routine.
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Clipper Summer ’87 Browse routine.
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Contents of the GLBROWSE.DOC file

G.C.Lesnie's enhancements to the Clipper Browse

I've added a field selection process, index, and filter
to enhance the browse emulation, and so permit a kind
of 'browse fields '

the browse procedure is modified to use an indirect
dbase field pointer.

take it, enhance it use it as you will. Just let me have
any of your further enhancements.

restrictions - only 80 or thereabouts fields are accommodated
on the field selection screen - that may be prohibitive; fix
it as you will.

Greg Lesnie. Sydney, Australia.
26-FEB-88. Long live BRIEF - dBRIEF I'm not so sure.

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