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Latest version DSCAR, dBase documenter/toolbox.
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Latest version DSCAR, dBase documenter/toolbox.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

dSCAR v3.0 released on July 24, 1989

Please use the supplied ORDER program to print a registration form if
you wish to register dSCAR.


You can print the dSCAR documentation on any printer capable of
printing the IBM extended character set. If you do not have access
to such a printer, your best bet is to register dSCAR to get a
printed manual.

To print the documentation, type the following:


This will send the dSCAR documentation to the printer device.


What's new in version 3.0? Too much to mention. Here are just
a FEW of the highlights:

o Almost twice as fast as previous versions!

o Ability to send output to file with print codes intact

o File window for quickly selecting a file to process

o dBASE IV, Clipper, FoxBASE support added

o Lots of new features including commenting conditions, processing
a range of line numbers or a selected procedure, excluding comment
lines, and more!!

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