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Quick appends from one .DBF to another with identical fields.
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Quick appends from one .DBF to another with identical fields.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

DYNAPPND -- Version 1.0
By Paul S. Cilwa
(c) 1986 Griffith Business Services

This program will perform SUPER-SPEED APPENDs from one dBASE III or
dBASE III Plus file to another! It does this by using all available memory --
at least 256K -- to minimize disk accesses, and by not changing the
record format: both files should have identical formats; they MUST have
identical record lengths. (The only reason to not have identical formats
would involve programming tricks which, if you can't think of them
yourself, you probably should leave alone.)

DYNAPPND has no effect on index or memo files. After using DYNAPPND,
use dBASE toREINDEX the file.



by itself will display the program syntax, which is


Example: to APPEND the dBASE III file called FRED.DBF to ETHEL.DBF, enter


Don't relax -- you won't have time!

This program IS NOT in the Public Domain -- it is distributed on a Shareware
basis: try it, and if you like it, follow the instructions displayed at the
beginning of the program for becoming a Registered User. Among other benefits,
you'll receive a version of the program which will run without the registration
screen, enabling you to run the program batch if you want to.

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