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PRG source code and Clipper library for viewing ARC, LZH, ARJ, ZIP, and ZOO files. Source code costs $5.
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PRG source code and Clipper library for viewing ARC, LZH, ARJ, ZIP, and ZOO files. Source code costs $5.
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Contents of the ARCVIEW.DOC file

Initial Release: July 1, 1992
Copyright (c)1991,1992, E. Givler, All Rights Reserved.

Revision History:
08/18/92 - Added TIME() support and returned it as 5th element in all
the viewers.
10/10/92 - Fixed LZHDIR to handle 2.13 .LZH files (first attempt).
02/13/93 - Lzhdir() cleaned up. Should be ok now.

This module contains the *UNREGISTERED* version of the Archive viewing
library for Clipper. These functions will allow you to view .ARC, .ARJ,
.LZH, .PAK, .ZIP, and .ZOO files. The .ARJ, .PAK and NEWER .LZH file
viewing is in the library but may have some 'kinks'. The FILEVIEW.PRG is
included along with ARC_VIEW.PRG to show you how to simultaneously view
2 archives of different formats.

Compiling: c>clipper arc_view /a /m /n /w
c>rtlink fi arc_view lib support

Running: c>arc_view testfile.pak testfile.zoo

I first got the idea for viewing compressed files after reading
Clipper 5 - A Developer's Guide by Booth, Lief and Yellick - where I saw
source code for viewing .ZIP files! This was enough to spur my interest
into writing 'View' algorithms for other formats as well, especially since
I am writing a Disk Catalogging Program in Clipper 5.01. I'll probably
be adding support for other compression file formats if someone passes
along structure layouts (documentation) or source code.

If you like the routines, have any suggestions for enhancements, find
bugs, want the source ($5 if you send disk and mailer) or just want to drop
me a line, contact me at one of the locations below.

Compuserve: 71311,3242

or write:

Eric J. Givler
4784 Sweetbrier Terrace
Harrisburg, PA 17111-3615

PS. Send $20, and I'll also include my Disk Catalogging Program written in
Clipper 5.01 and a listing of all the functions (.ASM and .PRG) that I have
available in my personal library (about 150). You can then request what
you want!

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