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Clipper routines to convert from BASIC format numbers to Clipper.
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Clipper routines to convert from BASIC format numbers to Clipper.
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Contents of the CV_READ.DOC file


In keeping with previous utilities released by WRIGHTware this will
be limited documentation. The utilities are provided AS IS and I
will not be responsible for any errors that may occur by their use.

These utilities were created after hours of agonizing over an
advanced BASIC manual. The UDFs are called CVI(), CVS() and CVD()
to mirror the BASIC functions used to read numbers stored as 2, 4,
and 8 byte characters. Use the TEST program to determine how the
functions work with BASIC.

The original version of CV_READ had problems with numbers between
.5040 and .5624. I thought it was a crazy aberration and warned
people about the problem. A year later I sat down to examine the
code one more time. After a few hours of digging I found the
programming error (bug) that was causing the problem. The new
version of CV_READ is still public domain.

Please do NOT charge anyone for these since I'm not asking for any
money. I would appreciate a message if you find these UDFs useful.
If you enhance the functions or find errors I would appreciate some
notification. (I use them myself you know... )

Enjoy, John Wright


The CV_READ routines call two functions from the ProClip 3.0
library. If you have a library or routines to convert binary
numbers then substitute the functions using the source code.
I tried to recreate the ProClip functions but the results were
MUCH slower and not 100% effective.

"Advanced BASIC for the IBM PC and compatibles: tips & techniques"

Written by: Larry Joel Goldstein

A Brady Book - Distributed by Prentice Hall Trade - New York

* End of CV_READ.DOC

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