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Some d-base utilities .prg.
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Some d-base utilities .prg.
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Dbutil6 == dBase and Clipper Utilities Directory, in dBase III+ file

Editor: Eric Engelmann, of EMS, a consulting company specializing
in personal computer solutions for small business problems.
11701 Karen Drive
Potomac, MD 20854
Phone: (301) 299-9239

Origin: As a consultant spending considerable time with dBase II,
III, III+ and Clipper, I've had occasion to use a number of
utilities for these programs which have saved myself and my
clients both time and money. There are a large number (and
while compiling this list, I found out that the number was even
larger than I imagined) of good utilities in existence, many of
which are not commercially adveritised, either because they are
free, shareware, or just produced by programmers with very
little marketing resources or know-how. This list doesn't hope
to tell which are bad, good, useful, or useless. What I have
included are list prices, telephone numbers, names, and a brief
description of the program's purported function.

Comments: This list is what it is, and that is assembled from
bits and pieces of information. I apologize for any errors,
omissions, etc. If you find any, please let me know and I'll
correct the list. Any vendors that would like to revise the
description of their product may send me a 250 character or
less replacement, or a demo version of their product and I will
include it in the next list. Feel free to do anything you want
with this list. Publishing rights are granted, as long as the
EMS company name and telephone number are credited.

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