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Some windowing udf's for clipper. nice...
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Some windowing udf’s for clipper. nice…
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BREEZE.DOC 15149 4683 deflated
BREEZE.LIB 37151 16023 deflated
CALC.PRG 9057 2432 deflated
COMP.BAT 138 114 deflated
DEMO.PRG 33096 5755 deflated
READ.ME 1315 585 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Dear Future Customer:

Enclosed in this package are evaluation copies of the BREEZE windowing
library from LOGITEK Software. You are free to use the copies for evaluation
purposes ONLY, and you are free to distribute this evaluation package freely.
The following is a short description of the evaluation package files:

BREEZE87.LIB - evaluation version of version 3.0 of the BREEZE
windowing library, compatable with Clipper
Summer 1987 version. (Also know as spring 1988
DEMO.PRG Part one of THE BREEZE demo program.

CALC.PRG Part two of THE BREEZE demo program.

BREEZE.DOC Limited documentation for the library functions.

COMP.BAT Batch file to compile the demo.

Please note that the BREEZE.LIB requires the use of PLINK86.EXE version 2.24 or
greater, or MS LINK.EXE version 3.60 or greater. This limitation is unavoidable
due to Microsofts object module formats.

For ordering information please read the opening screen you will get when
using this version of the library.


- Logitek Software

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