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Very nice mailing list program written in dBase with full source.
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Very nice mailing list program written in dBase with full source.
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BROWREC.PRG 66 62 deflated
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DELREC.PRG 715 321 deflated
EDITFILE.PRG 620 363 deflated
FMTADRS.FMT 684 322 deflated
FMTADRS.SCR 1536 473 deflated
HELP.DOC 1943 812 deflated
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LISTREC.PRG 2048 543 deflated
LNAMEDEX.NDX 1024 519 deflated
MENU.PRG 2192 728 deflated
MLABEL.LBL 1034 84 deflated
SCHREC.PRG 1511 617 deflated

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Contents of the HELP.DOC file

Welcome to DB3PMAIL,

The program is written in dBASE III+, and as such a copy of dBASE
III Plus or FOXBASE+ or any other compatible program is required to
run it.

The source code is included and can be modified by using modify
command of dBASE III plus or any word processor that create ASCII
codes such as WORDSTAR or PC-WRITE. You can change it to fit your
needs. This was my first program in dBASE III Plus. As you can see,
it is not quite good like commercial program, but I want to leave
it that way so you can a have the chance to finish the job yourself.

To run the program using 2 floppy drive system, put a copy of this
program in drive B and start dBASE III+ in drive A. If you have
never modified your CONFIG.DB you have to type SET DEFAULT TO B
and then type DO MENU.

On hard disk system,make sure that you have CONFIG.SYS in your root
directory. You can create a sub-directory for this program, for
instance you call it MAIL, cd\MAIL (change directory) and type
DBASE (assuming that you have a sub-dirctory containing dBASE III
Plus in your PATH of your AUTOEXEC.BAT file) and type DO MENU.

If you have a color system, type DO COLOR. This small program will
change your screen color and also it will activate your mailing
program as well. This is the way I set up my application program
because I compile my application and I also want to allow my
customers to modify screen colors to their taste as well. Modify
COLOR.PRG to have your own colors.

Good Luck !.....

M. Mak
New York, NY / (C) 1987

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