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C interface into dBase III.
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C interface into dBase III.
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READ.ME! 1213 594 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME! file

The db3 dBASE III+ data file access library is the result of months
of study and work. Much effort has been spent to make these routines
reliable, intuitive, and robust. While there may be errors in these
routines, they are not known at this time.

These routines may be freely used for any purpose whatsoever, be it
for profit or pleasure. The only restriction that I request is that
the headers remain intact, and that the library is redistributed in
it's entirety.

This library is written entirely in Microsoft C version 5.1.

To obtain the complete library source code on DS/DD 5.25" diskette,
please complete the following form, and send it with $15.00 to:

M. F. Lavett,
P.O. Box 117,
Lorna Square,
Bham., Al. 35244

====== snip ====== snip ====== snip ====== snip ====== snip ======

Send To:



City:_______________________ State:____ ZIP:________

I agree not to redistribute or in any way disclose the db3 library
source code.


(NOTE: Unsigned requests will not be sent! Period.)

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