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Pushbutton class for Clipper 5 Class(y) users. Uses the Clipper Get system.
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Pushbutton class for Clipper 5 Class(y) users. Uses the Clipper Get system.
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MAKEIT.BAT 14 14 stored
PUSHBUTN.CH 5671 1360 deflated
PUSHBUTN.PRG 16812 3484 deflated
PUSHDEMO.LIB 27233 9050 deflated
PUSHDEMO.PRG 8757 2084 deflated
PUSHDEMO.RMK 177 100 deflated
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Contents of the README file

May 21, 1994


Awhile back I wrote a little program PUSHBU.PRG to produce pushbuttons with
pop-out action and a number of people (including myself) have used them
without any compaints. Nonetheless, PUSHBU.PRG was really never properly
integrated into the Get System, mainly because of the way it handled
the waitstate.

Meanwhile, another public domain offering by Dan Comeau (RADIOBTN.PRG) is
well integrated with the get system, but does not include any push buttons,
and if you're not already using RADIOBTN.PRG you may wish to take a look
at it. Anyway, to make a long story shorter, I finally have gotten around
to putting my push buttons into a modified version of Dan's button engine.


The buttons have been in use by a number of people around the world
for nearly a year and this current update includes bug fixes and
suggestions which I've receive from those users. Thanks to everyone
who has contacted me.

This will probably be the last update of PUSHBU since most of us will be
moving on to VO real soon! Nonetheless, if you find any bugs I'd
appreciate hearing from you.

README This file!
PUSHBUTN.PRG Source for the push button functions.
PUSHBUTN.CH Header for push button get, plus various demo headers
PUSHDEMO.PRG A demonstration program for your delight!
PUSHDEMO.LIB Odds and ends from my library which make the demo work
PUSHDEMO.RMK RMAKE script for push demo, creates PUSHDEMO.EXE
PUSHDEMO.TXT List of the functions in the PUSHDEMO lib
MAKEIT.BAT Batch file to make the whole thing


This is public domain software using other public domain software
as its' source. However, if you use this software in a commercial
product, please give credit where credit is due.

Wendy Starbuck
CompuServe 72260,452

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