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FoxPro Data Move utility. Convert between file formats.
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FoxPro Data Move utility. Convert between file formats.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DATAMOVE.PJT 51513 10146 deflated
DATAMOVE.PJX 11422 1264 deflated
INFO.SCT 1437 708 deflated
INFO.SCX 5938 761 deflated
INFO.SPR 3360 1012 deflated
MAIN.SCT 4369 1950 deflated
MAIN.SCX 8233 922 deflated
MAIN.SPR 9763 2266 deflated
PICKFROM.SCT 2491 860 deflated
PICKFROM.SCX 3133 700 deflated
PICKFROM.SPR 7277 1523 deflated
PICKTO.SCT 4336 1303 deflated
PICKTO.SCX 2878 676 deflated
PICKTO.SPR 8251 1956 deflated
READ.ME 527 377 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

DATAMOVE.ZIP is a FoxPro 2.0 Public Domain source utility that puts the
flexible "IMPORT FROM" & "COPY TO" data translate commands into a useful
run-time program with validation for your users. It allows them to move
data from/to most of these file formats: DBF, DIF, FW2, MOD, PDOX, RPD,
SYLK, SDF, WK1, WK3, WKS, WR1, WRK, and XLS.

Approx. 34kb of ZIP file. All project files are included. Feel free to
use, modify, and/or add to this utility as you see fit! Uploaded by the
author, Mark Omohundro, 71310,1253

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