Dec 172017
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Category Dbase Source Code
CLIPPER LITE is a group of .OBJ files intended to help reduce the size of .EXE files, in Clipper programs which do not use all of the features/commands of Clipper in a single program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLIPLITE.DOC 3738 1737 deflated
NODBF.OBJ 1711 896 deflated
NOINDEX.OBJ 820 508 deflated
NOMACRO.OBJ 414 292 deflated
NOMATH.OBJ 2370 1016 deflated
NOMEMO.OBJ 200 178 deflated
NONET.OBJ 265 193 deflated
NOREEF.OBJ 579 368 deflated
NOSORT.OBJ 391 309 deflated

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