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Database Structure Manager for dBASE/Clipper/Foxbase main files 1 of 2.
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Database Structure Manager for dBASE/Clipper/Foxbase main files 1 of 2.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BBSUPLOD.DOC 1396 636 deflated
DBSM.DOC 166119 37765 deflated
DBSM.EXE 349824 137733 deflated
ORDERFRM.DOC 2447 644 deflated
READ_ME.1ST 5236 2021 deflated

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Contents of the BBSUPLOD.DOC file

DataBase Structure Manager BBS Upload Request

If you upload the DBSM system to a BBS, please keep all files in the
three archive files the same as they have been received.

I would like to have the DBSMINFO.ARC file uploaded with the other two
archive files so that people can download it first to get a good idea
of what the DBSM database dictionary system is about before doing the
download of two large files.

When describing the files to the receiving BBS for the upload, please
give the following descriptions if there is sufficient space provided.

Filename Size Description
------------ ------ ---------------------------------------------
DBSMINFO.ARC 2928 DBSM Database Dictionary - Brief Introduction
DBSM_20.ARC 285329 DBSM Database Dictionary for Dbase-type files
DBSMIMP.ARC 176136 DBSM Structure Import Utility for Dbase files

The largest file, DBSM_20.ARC, will take about 50 minutes to transfer
using a 1200 bps transfer speed. The DBSMIMP.ARC file will take about
30 minutes at the same speed.

I thank you in advance for posting the DBSM system to any bulletin


Don Gibbard
Progressive Data Systems
P.O. Box 631
Middleton, WI 53562
Phone (608) 836-5075

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