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Graphics routines for Clipper.
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Graphics routines for Clipper.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLIPDEMO.PRG 14478 4556 deflated
CLIPGRAF.LIB 86841 39905 deflated
CLIPGRAF.TXT 42453 9242 deflated
HERC.COM 6749 3648 deflated
README.1ST 690 417 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

February 1989

This is the CLIPGRAF Graphics and Mouse library version 1.2
Compressed to CLIPGR12.ARC
The included files are:

CLIPGRAF.LIBThe library module
CLIPDEMO.PRGDemo program showing some features
CLIPGRAF.TXTDescription of the library
HERC.COMUtility required to use the HERCULES card
README.1STThis file

After you compile clipdemo.prg, you can run it by calling it by
name, and the best graphics setting will be selected. If you include a
parameter, lets say

C> clipdemo 13

then if possible, mode 13 (see clipgraf.txt) will be selected. To use the
HERCULES graphics (mode 8) you must run HERC.COM before hand.

Enjoy, Maurice J. Halmos.

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