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Similiar to DBase's BROWSE command, but this routine allows you to edit a Dbase DBF. By Gary Blatt.
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Similiar to DBase’s BROWSE command, but this routine allows you to edit a Dbase DBF. By Gary Blatt.
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Contents of the 2SCREEN.DOC file

Documentation file for 2SCREEN.PRG - Dbase BROWSE-like utility

This documentation was written by me to add to the .PRG file. The .PRG file
was originally published in PC MAGAZINE April 31 issue. The reader who sent
it in is Dung Quoc Vu (no kidding!) from Anaheim, CA. Mr. Vu addressed what
I thought was a problem with developing Dbase for others to use. What he has
done is created a program that simulates the BROWSE function in Dbase. The
main difference being that with BROWSE, the user has the capability of
changing data. This allows you to develop inqury screens similar to BROWSE,
but without the dangers invovlved.

The program is written as a standalone routine as opposed to a subroutine,
but can be easily modified as a subroutine called by another program. This
program will run with all versions of Dbase. However, if you are not using
Dbase III+, you will have to take out the IIF and INKEY() sections and
replace them with your own.

To run 2screen you will need to create a database with the follwoing

Structure for database: C:2screen.dbf
Number of data records: 0
Date of last update : 04/06/87
Field Field Name Type Width
1 NAME Character 20
2 TITL Character 22
3 CO Character 25
4 STR Character 25
5 CITY Character 14
6 ST Character 2
7 ZIP Character 5
** Total ** 114

I have included this .dbf file with no data in it if you care to use it. You
will need to enter at least 16 records to see how the program works. To use
the program once you have typed 'do 2screen' you can use the pgup,pgdn,left,
and right arrows to scroll the screen or 'x' or escape to exit.

If you have any questions about how or what this program does,even thought I
didn't write it, I'll be glad to try to help. Personally I found this
routine very helpful in setting up inquiry scrrens for clients to use.

Gary Blatt

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