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HardSoft is a library for the Clipper compiler. It is used together with Clipper and the Nantucket Toolbox II.
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HardSoft is a library for the Clipper compiler. It is used together with Clipper and the Nantucket Toolbox II.
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Contents of the HARDSOFT.DOC file

HardSoft Constellation

For Clipper Applications

HardSoft is a library for the clipper compiler. It is used together
with CLIPPER and the Nantucket Toolbox II. HardSoft is intended
to be used for professional automation, data collection and in all
kinds of manufacturing and process contol.

The PC computer is nowadays equal in price with microprocessors but
far more powerful. The industry has so far been missing a profes-
sional tool combining the possibilities of microprocessors
(measurements and process control) with the possibilities of modern
PC computing (database, color displays and communication over
telephone lines).

The advantages of HardSoft:

0. HardSoft supports all types of AD-cards and IO GPIB systems.

1. The EXE files produced with HardSoft are totally royalty free.

2. Developing time is cut by factor 10 to 100, compared to

3. The EXE file can perform measurements the same speed as
assembler routines!

4. HardSoft is compatible with AUTOCAD. Graphics from collected
data can be mixed with color drawings created with AUTOCAD.

5. HardSoft is ten times easier to learn than C or PASCAL.

6. HardSoft has no limits. Everything that can be done with
ASSEMBLER, C or PASCAL can easily be integrated into HardSoft.

7. The HardSoft source-code is written in dBASE-syntax which is
already known to many software developers.

8. HardSoft supports all commands of the HP Laserjet III.

9. HardSoft is the perfect development environment for profes-
sional and industrial automation. No other integrated environ-
ment offers as many functions as HardSoft.

For more Information and a free broshure please contact:"

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OLIVA electronics USA, OVELIUS electronics AB
390 Amapola Ave. Suite #1 Jrnvngsgatan 12
Torrance, CA 90501 S-330 27 HESTRA Sweden
TEL: 310-533-8454 TEL: [+46] (0)370-35441
FAX: 310-533-6810 FAX: [+46] (0)370-35181
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