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Very nice and complete window screen library for Clipper.
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Very nice and complete window screen library for Clipper.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

August 8 ,1988

Often an application, although well thought out, designed
and implemented, lacks the professional look PC users want
and expect from their applications. It is important to me
that anything I provide to a client look good as well as
function per specification. This prompted me to write
a set of user functions which would allow good looking
output and yet not waste very much development time (our
time is their money). I am distributing under the old
principal of sharewhare. If you like these functions,
just drop me a line to tell me so (I don't want any money
unless you have more that you know what to do with).
If you have improvements or want to add to the library
please do so (Please keep me informed so I can use any new
stuff as well). I know that there are substantially
better windows libraries out there. I just wanted an easy
and inexpensive (read free) to use function.

There are four functions in this first attempted at
sharing my code. Complete documentation is found inside the
prg file.

Function 1.
DRAWIN() - Can replace box command. Draws tiles with or
with shadows, with or without titles and instructions,
with or without various box border lines, in any desired

Function 2.
msgpos() - Places message text at desired column. By use
of this and set message at rownum you can control all
aspects of where the message is placed on the screen
without counting blanks. Look out for colors if you
placing stuff in a box.

Function 3
ysno() - Used as a valid udf when getting input from user.
It does not capitalize so use
@ rw, col get answer picture'!' valid ysno(answer)
Function 4
Stubb() - produces a pretty function not yet available
message. For those people who have to release software in

I've included the prg file as well as a lib format version
of the files (I like libs alot better that linking in many
object modules) I created the lib using the lib function
from Microsoft C5.1

Please drop me a line if you have any comments
Al Albanese
60 Tarn Drive
Morris Plains, NJ 07950

I can be reached on either the BOSS bbs (201-568-7293) or
Database BBS (201)943-5419 both in New Jersey.

For those of us with very limited funds, sharing our abilities
is the only way to go.

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