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This is a FoxPro library of encryption and decryption routines.
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This is a FoxPro library of encryption and decryption routines.
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CIPHER library for FoxPro 2.0 API

This is a library of encryption and decryption routines written by
Tom Rettig and Leonard Zerman, modified for the FoxPro 2.0 API by
Walt Kennamer.

CIPHER contains two functions: encrypt() and decrypt().

encrypted_string = encrypt(desrypted_string, password)
decrypted_string = decrypt(encrypted_string, password)

Neither encrypt() not decrypt() changes the string length. For example,
if you encrypt the string "Hello, world", the encrypted string will be
12 bytes long.

? encrypt("Hello, world",password) && returns an encrypted string

foo = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
? encrypt(foo,password) && returns an encrypted string
coded = encrypt(foo,password) && stores an encrypted string
? decrypt(coded,password) && returns the original string

Note about memo fields:
Note that you must pass character variables or strings to these functions.
They do not work directly with memo fields, but you can store the memo
field to a variable, encrypt the variable, then replace the encrypted
variable back into the memo field.

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