Dec 102017
A complete passward program with source code for clipper/dBase.
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A complete passward program with source code for clipper/dBase.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ERROR.TXT 7296 1281 deflated
MSL.DOC 8214 3219 deflated
MSL.PRG 15550 2965 deflated
PASSWD.DBF 260 123 deflated
PASSWD.NDX 1024 392 deflated
PASSWD.PRG 15773 2978 deflated

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Contents of the ERROR.TXT file

Unmatched number of parameters Has been defined private already Cannot find procedure file Syntax error in filter expression Cannot locate command file Not a Character expression File currently open No more variable space available Maximum number of variables exceeded File does not exist Data item not found Macro must be a character string Either syntax error in expression, or data type mismatch,or variable undefined Must operate on data type Invalid variable name Undefined variable encountered Invalid drive specifier Invalid report form file Report stack overflow You must use character string for file names, field names or variable names Unrecognizable dCode, incompatible object file Error creating file Error opening file Error closing file Error reading file Error writing file Error positioning in file BAD field name BAD field type Record out of range Not a dBASE III data base No such record in index Illegal key No data base in use in area No INDEX file in use in area Creating from this file would end up with more than max. allowed # of fields! Creating from this file would end up with more than max. allowed record size! Index SYNC error Maximum allowed number of records reached FIELD not found Too many digits Printer is either not connected or turned off Not enough memory Mode error in forming file name Illegal work area number or alias PARSER STACK OVERFLOW MACRO STACK OVERFLOW Not a LABEL file Illegal relation expression Editor stack overflow Filter expression not logical Cyclic relation not allowed No more file name space Too many relations in this chain Bad path name File server module error Binary file not found Memory allocation error Memory de-allocation error Maximum number of load modules exceeded Feature not yet implemented Invalid function key or function number Value out of range Stack underflow Undefined function encountered Passing variable not defined Illegal function parameter(s) Expression stack overflow Maximum number of READs in a format file has been exceeded Structure invalid Syntax error in locate expression Locate expression is not logical Valid expression is either illegal or not of logical type Invalid order number Error sending message to Error sending task to File is in use by another: Record is in use by another Command requires RLOCK() or SET AUTOLOCK ON. Command requires exclusive use of database: File is in use by another: Your DBXL/Quicksilver session has been HALTED by: Error receiving screen: Error sending screen: Error in screen privacy No fields were found to copy Invalid subscript reference Invalid graph form file Subscript out of bounds Return statement in UDF not found SET EVENT expression not of data type logical or syntax error in expression

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