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Lastest Dbase IV list of known anomalies.
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Lastest Dbase IV list of known anomalies.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANOMALY1.TXT 3802 1589 deflated
ANOMALY2.TXT 5630 2011 deflated
ANOMALY3.TXT 4937 2041 deflated
ANOMALY4.TXT 7835 3154 deflated
ANOMALY5.TXT 11399 3946 deflated
ANOMALY6.TXT 2323 982 deflated
ANOMALY7.TXT 3629 1473 deflated
ANOMALY8.TXT 6377 2330 deflated
ANOMALY9.TXT 14609 4720 deflated
ANOMLY10.TXT 7620 2538 deflated
ANOMLY11.TXT 7935 2757 deflated
ANOMLY12.TXT 4410 1695 deflated
ANOMLY13.TXT 7523 2435 deflated
ANOMLY14.TXT 6127 2330 deflated
ANOMLY15.TXT 20864 6786 deflated
ANOMLY16.TXT 11723 4072 deflated
ANOMLY17.TXT 10210 2775 deflated
ANOMLY18.TXT 7386 2532 deflated

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Contents of the ANOMALY1.TXT file

Thanks for using the dBASE IV product. The initial customer
response to the dBASE IV product has been positive and this
confirms the product's overall quality. In keeping with our
commitment to provide you, the user, with support that will
maximize your productivity with the dBASE IV product, we are
continuing our tradition of publishing timely, detailed anomaly
and work-around reports.

Use of these recommended work-arounds will aid you in avoiding
anomalies that are reported to our Software Support Center. This
report will be supplemented as new information is received.

Reports DETAIL BAND double space ejects blank page

If the DETAIL BAND is set to double spacing on a printed
report, one blank page is ejected between each printed page
and printed pages are numbered 1, 3, 5, etc.


To work around this, you can do one of four things:

1) Close the footer band. This corrects the problem but it
also prevents printing of any specified footer. The footer
is open by default in the Quick layout, so this will not be
intuitive to the end user.

2) Change the page length to a value less than the line
length of the paper, which is 66 for 11-inch long paper.
While blank pages will no longer appear between printed
pages, page numbers will still be odd numbers.

3) Modify the report and put extra blank lines in the DETAIL
BAND and keep spacing set to single for the band. The
effect will appear to be a double spaced DETAIL BAND,
however, this will not work when using memo fields in the

4) Download the file REP_ANOM.ARC from the dBASE IV library
and copy the REPORT.GEN file over the REPORT.GEN in your
dBASE IV directory.

EEMS is not supported in dBASE IV version 1.0

Extended and expanded memory are not supported in version
1.0 of the dBASE IV product. Extended memory can only be
used as a RAM disk. If you set EEMS=OFF in CONFIG.DB as
stated in the Language Reference, the error message "Keyword
not found" will be displayed.

The two references to the use of extended memory in the
documentation -- page 6-4 of Language Reference and page
GS-3 of Getting Started with dBASE IV -- are in error.

Memo edit from BROWSE

In BROWSE mode only, adding more than 512 bytes of data to a
memo field that already contains data, pressing ESC to exit
the BROWSE menu after the memo field is saved corrupts the
memo file. This happens only when the record pointer is not
moved before pressing ESC to exit BROWSE.


To work around this, exit BROWSE by pressing CTRL-W or
CTRL-END, or by choosing the "Save changes and exit" option
from the EXIT menu.

Alternately, move the cursor off the current record before
pressing ESC to exit BROWSE.

Memo fields limit size of 64K

Memo fields cannot contain more than 64K of data. If you
attempt to save a memo field that exceeds this size limit,
the system beeps without displaying an error message.


To work around this, you can press ESC to abandon the
changes, or you can delete some text and try to save the
memo field again.

CTRL-BREAK locks the system

If CTRL-BREAK is pressed while in the dBASE IV program,
subsequent keystrokes are not recognized thus requiring a
warm boot. The same is true if CTRL-BREAK is pressed while
loading the dBASE IV program. Do not use CTRL-BREAK unless
you intend to completely stop the dBASE IV product or

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