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Use function keys while editing.
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Use function keys while editing.
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Contents of the F-KEYS.DOC file

Set function keys for dBaseIII
By Charles Munao 3/14/86

This is a short utility program that will be useful
to anyone who programs in dBase. The purpose of this
utility is to set the function keys during an editing
session or writing a program. To save typing time
entering 'MODIFY COMMAND {program name}' I set a
function key to the file name saving myself the effort
of typing during a debugging session. I also set a key
for 'SET PRINT ON/OFF', 'DO{program name} etc.
To use, at the dBase dot enter 'DO F-KEYS'. The
options available are :
EXISTING----- Any keys that were set by you during a
previous session.
NEW ----- Define new key functions.
DEFAULT ----- Returns the original dBase settings.
TEMPORARY ---- Will not save the settings. Next time dBase
is used those settings will not be there.
SAVE ---- Will save the settings for you to be
re-used via EXISTING option next time you
use F-KEYS.
ALL ---- Reset all the function keys. Actually keys
two through ten. Key one can not be changed
that is the dBase HELP key.
SOME ---- Select the number of keys to be reset.
The files required for the program are:
1) F-KEYS.PRG The program.
2) KEYS.DBF The custom setting file.
3) D-KEYS.DBF The dBASE default settings.
I hope this program may be of some use to someone as I find
it extremely useful myself.
To forward any comments leave me a message on the NOVA LABS
RBBS at 718-720-7673. Charles Munao.

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