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DBase III routines written in ASM that provides popup windows with boxed and shadowed frames, and other screen management features.
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DBase III routines written in ASM that provides popup windows with boxed and shadowed frames, and other screen management features.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DBT.IMG 4000 387 deflated
DBTATSAY.PRG 2720 1076 deflated
DBTAUDIO.PRG 8811 1708 deflated
DBTBOX.PRG 3988 1054 deflated
DBTDEMO.PRG 5812 1420 deflated
DBTDITHR.PRG 2892 915 deflated
DBTERASE.PRG 2406 906 deflated
DBTFADE.PRG 2912 936 deflated
DBTHMENU.PRG 2810 1058 deflated
DBTMAIN.PRG 6316 1273 deflated
DBTMENU.PRG 6212 1222 deflated
DBTOOLS.BIN 31544 5838 deflated
DBTOOLS.DOC 49114 14203 deflated
DBTOTHER.PRG 4118 1109 deflated
DBTPAGE.PRG 4157 1072 deflated
DBTPRDEF.PRG 5499 1625 deflated
DBTPRINT.PRG 2270 929 deflated
DBTPRMNU.PRG 2503 955 deflated
DBTPROC.PRG 10590 2758 deflated
DBTPRTST.PRG 3256 940 deflated
DBTQREF.DOC 8358 2160 deflated
DBTRECLR.PRG 1720 682 deflated
DBTSAVE.PRG 3634 1154 deflated
DBTSCROL.PRG 2391 872 deflated
DBTSTART.PRG 323 187 deflated
DBTVMENU.PRG 4115 1523 deflated
DBTWIND.PRG 2762 943 deflated
DEBUGOFF.PRG 41 30 deflated
DEBUGON.PRG 40 29 deflated
EPSONFX.PRT 469 167 deflated
ESCCODES.DBF 11017 1113 deflated
ESCCODES.NDX 5120 794 deflated
FLOPDEMO.BAT 72 57 deflated
GODEMO.BAT 106 67 deflated
HPLASER.PRT 679 198 deflated
IBMX24.PRT 480 171 deflated
OKI192.PRT 457 155 deflated
PAN1091.PRT 592 183 deflated
PC.IMG 4000 230 deflated
PRNDEF.DBF 406 210 deflated
PRNDEF.FRM 1990 855 deflated
PRNDEF.NDX 1025 182 deflated
PRNDEF.PRG 5326 1589 deflated
PRTTEST.PRG 5820 1632 deflated
READ.ME 2237 947 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

dBTools dBASE III+ Enhancement tools
Version 1.0 10/31/89


Included in the dBTools package is a demonstration program that
illustrates the many features of dBTools. The source code is included,
so it also acts as a tutorial on how to use dBTools.

NOTE: the demo is written for a color adapter, and will look real
wierd on monochrome!!

To run the demo you will require dBASE III+ or a dBASE compatible
compiler (I've tried dBTools with Foxbase+ and dBXL, and I've been told
it doesn't work with Clipper).
The files DBT*.PRG, the *.DBF and *.NDX files and the .PRT printer
definition files should be in the same subdirectory.

Set up three environment variables:


select the subdirectory where dBASE is found:

CD /DB3 (or wherever)
DBASE \DBTDEMO (path is where DBTDEMO.PRG is found)

For example, let's say you have dBASE in a subdirectory C:\DB3,
and you copy all the necessary dBTools files into a subdirectory
called C:\DB3\TOOLS. You could execute the demo with the following
batch file:


This batch file is included in the dBTools package as GODEMO.BAT.
If you are using subdirectories other than those in the example, you
may modify GODEMO.BAT with a text editor.

To run the demo from a dual floppy system, you must have all the
*.PRG files, the *.IMG files, DBTOOLS.BIN, and at least one of the
*.PRT files on a floppy in your B: drive, and dBASE in your A: drive.
Then execute the batch file FLOPDEMO.

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