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View .PCX files while running a FoxPro 2.0 application. Probably usable with dBase III/IV applications also.
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View .PCX files while running a FoxPro 2.0 application. Probably usable with dBase III/IV applications also.
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Download File FOXPCX.ZIP Here

Contents of the PCX.DOC file

Thank you for downloading the PCX file viewer for Foxpro 2.00 !!

This is Version 1.02 of the PCX File Viewer for Foxpro 2.00.
You may have seen three such viewers on compuserve that view
2,16, and 256 Color PCX files. This version combines the three functions of
the preveous veiwers in one package. This Viewer should display all
Color and monochrome PCX Files. This is a limited use version... The only
differnce between this version and the full version is that the full version
supports viewing PCX files directly from memo feilds and has a fast paint
option which paints the image almost instantly to the screen with a short
delay before as opposed to the gradual painting that occurs in this version..
If this version suits your needs please feel free to use it as you please
at no charge whatsoever. If you want the latest copy of the full version.
A small donation of $15.00 or more would be appreciated (for the effort!)
and your Name Address and Compuserve I.D. is all you need to get it.
If you do not subscribe to Compuserve send a self addressed stamped diskmailer
with a disk (3.5 or 5.25 ) and I will send it back to you with the viewer and
some sample PCX files and a conversion program to convert GIF files to PCX files.

Mail To : Warren Master
1530 Palisade Ave
Suite 16c
Fort Lee NJ 07645

There is no warranty of any kind associated with this software.
I will not be liable for damages of any kind. By using this
software, you agree to this. Every effort has been made by me
make this product bug-free. However, the nature of software development
is that it is impossible to guarantee bug-free software.

Any risk of damage due to any possible inaccurate information or a
misunderstanding of the provided information is assumed by the user
of the information.

I hereby disclaim all warranties relating to this software,
whether express or implied, including without limitation any implied
warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
I will not be liable for any damages whatsoever due to loss of data or any
other reason, even if I have been advised of the possibility of such damages.
The person using the software agress to these terms.

If you do encounter a bug (or a feature that you do not like)
please notify me (CompuServe 70713,2002)

Syntax /
Set Libray to PCX
=ViewPCx() && To View a PCx File
=TextMode() && Restore a Graphics Screen To Texmode

Where is the PCX File Name to View


Set Libr to PCX
=Viewpcx("Frogg.pcx") && View the PCX file
=TextMode() && Clear the Image and restore the Video Mode
Set libr to

After the image is displayed you must call Textmode() or unload the library
to restore the screen for foxpro's use..
This is a new feature which allows other things to go on while the image is

Future Plans: (not necessarily the near future)
DCX Support (multi-page pcx files)
Large PCX Support (Panning feature)
Faster decoder (once I brush up on some assembler)
PCX Printing on laser.
GEM/IMG/GIF and maybe even TIFF file Support.
more displays adapters/resolutions supported.
and what ever else I have time to play with....
Other Products:
Foxpro Data Compression system
Compress And Decompress Files With Maximum compression and speed.
Works directly with Memo feilds. CRC checking for data integrity.
Command Line Version available too...
Possible future Projects:
Digitized Voice Playback from Foxpro Memo Feilds.

If you have any questions/sugestions EMAIL me at (CIS) 70713,2002. Or
leave a message on FOXFORUM (ThirdParty Section) .
I check my EMAIL almost everyday...
All Suggestions/comments are appericated..

Thank you.
Warren Master

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