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Convert ASCII files to dBase formats.
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Convert ASCII files to dBase formats.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

ASCII -> dBase Conversion Program
Bruce L. Keppler

The purpose of this program is to allow the easy conversion of FIXED
field ASCII files into dBase III,III+ files.

The program will prompt you for the name of your input file and the
name of the database you wish to create. A search will be conducted to
locate the longest record in the ASCII file (within 5 characters). This
record will be displayed in the lower part of the screen. The cursor
will be positioned below the data line. Locate the Start of each
intended field with an S and the End of each field with an E. Once the
beginning and end of each file has been plotted, the program will prompt
you for each of the field names.

Each field will be made a Character field this can be changed later
with MODI STRU. This works very well with Lotus PRN files and anything
else that has a fixed field format. This program is limited to 150
character records in the original ASCII file.

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