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Convert .dbf files to standard delimited ASCII files.
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Convert .dbf files to standard delimited ASCII files.
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Contents of the DBFDELIM.DOC file

DBF Delimiter 1.0"

Copies a dBASE compatible .DBF file to an ASCII delimited file by the"
same name with an .ASC extension. Does not harm the .DBF file, only"
creates an additional .ASC file."

Put DBFDELI1.EXE in your path and fire it up. A list of .DBF files"
in the current directory will appear. Press escape to quit or hilite a"
a .DBF and press enter. Answer Yes or No to make the .ASC file. After"
an .ASC file is made, the contents of it will appear for your review."
Press the escape key to return to the file select list."

Placed in the public domain January 12, 1992"

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