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General purpose function library for Clipper 87.
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General purpose function library for Clipper 87.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FUNCLIST.DOC 21113 5570 deflated
READ.ME 765 406 deflated
STEVE.LIB 39623 14717 deflated
TESTFUNC.PRG 12255 3278 deflated
TESTPRIN.PRG 3317 1089 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Files that should be in STEVELIB.ZIP

READ.ME -- This file.

FUNCLIST.DOC -- Document the purpose and show how to use each function. Get
a hard copy by typing: COPY FUNCLIST.DOC PRN:

STEVE.LIB -- The actual library.

TESTFUNC.PRG -- Program (menu driven) to test and demonstrate every function.

TESTPRIN.PRG -- Compiled with TESTFUNC.PRG, this .PRG tests all print-related
library functions by creating a report of all files in the
subdirectory and permitting you to PRINT, SCREEN, or FILE
the report.

To create TESTFUNC.EXE, compile and link as follows:

clipper testfunc
plink86 fi testfunc lib steve,extend,clipper

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