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SuperFunction Library is a collection of Clipper UDFs that, while simple to call from your programs, provide a high-level user interface with minimum of 'setup' or 'configuration'.
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SuperFunction Library is a collection of Clipper UDFs that, while simple to call from your programs, provide a high-level user interface with minimum of ‘setup’ or ‘configuration’.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

This is the freeware version of the Super.Lib Library for
Clipper. It is fully functional. We no longer provide
source code, or support for this version. Registration
is still required to use the library, however there is no
charge for registration. ( We would simply like your
name and address to send information and demos on
other Functional Software products for Clipper.)

Why freeware?
We formerly provided this version as
shareware for $47.50, which included full source code
and technical support. With the coming of Clipper 5
and a host of new linkers and add-on products, we began
to recieve a LOT more support calls. However, 9 out of
10 of these calls were related to Clipper 5, linker usage
or problems that traced to another product. Bottom line -
the shareware library was costing us a lot more in
support than we could justify for $47.50.

In February of this year, we decided to no longer accept
registrations for the shareware library, and instead focus
on the Professional version of the library (a commercial
product) ,and development of a set of Clipper 5.01

To fill the need for a 'trial size' version, we
are now releasing this freeware library. The catch, as
stated above, is that this version comes with no source
code, no support, and no guarantees. It doesn't cost
you anything - but then it doesn't cost us anything
either. You get to try it out, and if you like it,
register it free of charge. We get a name and address
to send info and demos on other Clipper products. If
you really like it, you'll probably want to go for the
full blown version (the Professional Library), which
contains many enhancements, and comes with support
and source code, printed manual and Norton Guide, S87
and 5.01 .LIB files, and a bunch of sample code.

Files included:

README.DOC This file
REGISTER.DOC Form for FREE registration

SF.PRG Super.Lib demo program source
SUPER.LIB Super.Lib library
SUPER.DOC General Documentation
SUPER.FUN Full Clipper function description
ALPHA.FUN Alphabetical function list


The file SF.PRG is provided as a useable demo of the library functions.
SF.PRG is an all-purpose generic data handler.

Compile SF.PRG (Clipper SF )

To link SF.OBJ

(Blinker and Warplink are the only recommended

-Blinker (.lnk file) :


-Warplink :
WARPLINK /r /op:36 sf ovlmgr.obj,,,clipper+extend+(super)


Try the library for as long as you like. If you decide to
incorporate it into your apps send in the registration.

If you would like even more functions, enhanced versions
of the functions in Super.Lib , technical support, 5.01 .LIB,
source code and printed docs, order Super.Lib Professional.

Garry Prefontaine
Functional Software

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