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Nantucket NewVol 4 No. 1.
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Nantucket NewVol 4 No. 1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FORM.PRG 2808 1077 deflated
INTERACT.PRG 2421 699 deflated
MEMFEDIT.PRG 14107 3878 deflated
MUSIC.PRG 1045 447 deflated
NNV4N1.TXT 1774 893 deflated
SCROLLER.PRG 2995 1278 deflated
SNAPMENU.PRG 1190 569 deflated
SOUNDX.PRG 1630 838 deflated

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Contents of the NNV4N1.TXT file

Nantucket News [tm], July/August 1989
Volume 4, Number 1

Progrm Disk Contents:

Integrating Music and Clipper MUSIC.PRG
Grieg Lief

ACPos(): The ACHOICE() Position Indicator Scroller.Prg
David Allison

Memory File Editor Memfedit.prg
Glenn Toney

Open Architecture: SoundexII(), an execise Soundx.prg
in Clipper Tools One.
Timothy Wong

Getting Started: Interactive .dbf Creation Interact.prg
and Modification

Program Short: FormCopy() Form.prg
Timothy Wong

Finishing Touches: Snappy Ways to Switch SnapMenu.prg
Between Menus
Bob Farland

Nantucket News, the technical bi-monthly journal for the
Clipper [R] developer, features articles and applications,
programming techniques and theory.

Learn about creating overlays, developeng network applications,
and using Clipper with other languages. Discover more about
programmable functions and writing functions of your own. And
gain valuable insight from the Support Log, found nowhere else
but in Nantucket News.

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Editor, Nantucket News
Nantucket Corporation
12555 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Nantucket and Clipper are registered trademarks, and Nantucket
News is a trademark of Nantucket Corporation.

Entire Contents Copyright (c) 1989 Nantucket Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.

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