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Various UDF's to use with Quick Silver.
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Various UDF’s to use with Quick Silver.
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Contents of the QS_UDF.DOC file

This is a couple of routines written for me by Richard Hendricks
of GE. He is user 22 on this BBS. I could not get my own routines
written in Turbo C to link in and work with QS (and you can't in some
circumstances) so he graciously wrote these two for me and compiled
them with Lattice C.

Rawword.c returns an uppercased sentence in the parameter passed to it.
It removes everything except alphabetic characters from the sentence passed
to it, including extraneous spaces. All words in the sentence will have
only one space between them. The returned string will be padded with spaces
to maintain the length that it went in with.

S_sndex.c takes two sentences as parameters and returns a number
representing their difference. This difference is obtained by taking each
work in each sentence, getting the soundex value for them, and comparing the
two soundexes. This comparison is made word for word between the two
sentences. I use it in my Bible study system for determining the accuracy
of a quotation of scripture by a user.

Both routines are CCALLable from QS. In the future they will be
provided in UDF format suitable for QS 1.2.

Richard had wanted me to do this for awhile. I just now got the time.
If anyone has seen or heard from him, please let him know I need for him to
get in contact with me.

Ken Henderson 100

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