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Clipper S'87/5.01 .OBJ to easily produce shadows for boxes.
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Clipper S’87/5.01 .OBJ to easily produce shadows for boxes.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DEMO.OBJ 1393 830 deflated
SHADOW.DOC 766 399 deflated
SHADOW.OBJ 1305 691 deflated

Download File CLIPSHAD.ZIP Here

Contents of the SHADOW.DOC file

Creating boxes or windows with transparent shadows is simple using

These files are inluded in the zip file
SHADOW.OBJ This is object file to do the shadows
DEMO.OBJ This is a demonstration file

Clipper '87

To link the demo:

tlink demo+shadow,,,clipper+extend

plink86 fi demo,shadow lib clipper,extend

Format: shadbox(x1,y1,x2,y2,color)

x1,y1 is the upper left hand coordinates of your box
x2,y2 is the lower right hand coordinates of your box
color is the color your want your box to be.



This creates ab box at 5,5 to 10,25 with color black on cyan.

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